Saturday, June 27, 2020


This is very sweet. A fan of the Abadazad books has just posted this petition, asking Disney to continue the series. How wonderful would that be? Working on Abadazad with my buddy Mike Ploog was one of the greatest creative experiences of my life and I'd love to return to that world. (And a tip of the hat to the brilliant Nick Bell whose colors brought 'Zad to vibrant life.)

Friday, June 26, 2020


I talk to the VENOM VLOG about songwriting, the Beatles, SUPERMAN: RED SON, DEATHSTROKE: KNIGHTS & DRAGONS-THE MOVIE and, of course, my episodes of MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2020


We've lost another great. Joe Sinnott, whose extraordinary inking graced so many Marvel Comics—most notably a classic run on FANTASTIC FOUR, embellishing Jack Kirby's pencils—has passed away.

I had the pleasure of encountering Joe on several occasions and he was as sweet a man as he was talented.

Safe travels, Joe. And thank you for the incredible body of work you've left behind.


"I still believe in 'All You Need Is Love,' I still believe in the fact that love is what we all need."—John Lennon

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Warner Bros Animation has released the trailer for the full-length Deathstroke—Knights & Dragons: The Movie.  Loved working on this project (which stars the amazing Michael Chiklis as Deathstroke) and can't wait for everyone to see it.  Coming to Digital (8/4/20) & Blu-ray Combo Pack (8/18/20)!

And, since we're talking about animation, I should let you know that my Moon Knight-centric episode of Spider-Man will be on Disney XD Sunday night!

Saturday, June 13, 2020


Denny O'Neil has passed away. A superb writer, masterful editor, and one of the smartest people in the business, Denny was also a truly good guy.

When I started in comics, there were certain editors who had my respect the instant I walked in the room, simply because of who they were, what they'd accomplished. Denny O'Neil was one of those editors. He was among the first editors I worked with at Marvel and, despite the fact that I was still very much a newbie, always treated me with respect, as an equal. (Even though I was far from that at the time!) How fortunate I was to learn from one of the very best.

As a writer, Denny was sui generis (a Latin phrase that Denny actually introduced me to).  He had a unique voice, a singular perspective, that changed the way many of us thought about comics. (To pick one example: His run on the groundbreaking Green Lantern/Green Arrow series was revolutionary in both subject matter and style.)

Although I can't claim close friendship, I continued to work with Denny, on multiple projects, over the years (I even got to be his editor on a Flash Gordon anthology I put together for the short-lived Ardden Entertinment line), and I admired him both as a creative force, who had a massive impact on the world of comic books, and a human being.

A tremendous loss.  Safe travels, Denny.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020