Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Watching the images of New York City on television last night and this morning, it all seemed like something out of a post-apocalyptic science-fiction movie:  subways flooded, tunnels filled with rushing water, cars submerged on 14th Street, half of Manhattan in darkness.  But it’s not a movie, it’s all-too real, all-too heartbreaking.  As I'm sure you know, NYC is just one piece of the jigsaw puzzle, the devastation Sandy left in her wake is widespread.  (We were lucky here in my neck of upstate New York:  there was rain and some seriously spooky wind, but no major damage.  We didn’t even lose power.  And for that I am profoundly grateful.)

Here’s a link to the Red Cross site for those of you able to donate something to help with disaster relief.  If you can’t afford it—and in these tough economic times, that’s understandable—there’s always the power of a heartfelt prayer.


  1. Hey J.M, I cannot help much except for hoping things get better. One of the things that still does not make me feel totally out of hope for us humans is the fact that when real things happen people, a lot of good people help. It is a proof to me that lots of us are decent. I am glad things are well up there in your area with you and family.

    1. I absolutely agree, Daniel. It's a shame that it sometimes takes tragedy to get people to forget their differences and work together, but, at the same time, it's very heartening.

      Thanks for your good wishes. We're very grateful that the storm left us safe and intact.

  2. And if I may, if you live close to the area, I am sure Red Cross would also more than appreciate a blood donation to help with the injured.