Sunday, July 22, 2018


Next weekend is the Raleigh Supercon and I’ll be there all three days, at Booth SG4, talking to the fans, signing books, tap dancing and singing opera (well, I lied about those last two).  I’ve also got three panels that I’m very much looking forward to, especially the two with someone named Keith Giffen.  I’ve never met the guy, but I hear he’s an interesting fellow.

Comic Writing Across Multiple Universes
JMD, Keith Giffen, Peter David
4:30  Room 305B

Justice League to Scooby Apocalypse: The Giffen-DeMatteis Q & A
Noon Room 305A

Writing Comic Books
JMD, Peter David, Larry Hama, Tini Howard, Michael Kingston
1 pm 305B

Hope to see you there!


  1. ON a whim, I decided to reread the classic Hard-Traveling Heroes tales by Denny O'Neil and Neil Adams.

    I was trying to figure out if O'Neil would be happy his stories hold up... or depressed most are still relevant in some way or another.

    Perhaps not as dramatically in some places, but still.

    Also, you have no comment on the biggest event in comics? Scooby-Doo met Swamp Thing.

    Swamp Thing's pet hippie Chester (from Moore's run and beyond) is Shaggy's uncle. That is cannon now.

    I know you are saying, that book is FAR from Cannon.

    It is up here Dematteis ( I am tapping my head). It is up here.

    Which means, heaven forbid, you ever run into trouble in the sales department, there is a door open for a team up issue.

    The whole issue was a love letter toSwamp Thing... after a fashion. It had teh elemtns of Moore's run, Chester and Abby as Swampy's wife, but also Wein and Wrightson.

    There is an homage to Wrightson's 1st cover, and the opening (Shaggy's internal narration) reads almost like a Bronze Age Wein opening.

    This is how it starts Dematteis. A swampo Thing run. A weird story. A paychek. Purchasing green tea with the paycheck. The sky is the limit.


    P.S. This week I am buying my first of Dark Horse's "Berger Books." Although, there is one I may go back and pick up (DH has had some issues promoting early on).

    Point is, you brag about getting her employed in comics. IF I am disappointed, I am holding you responsible. Can you afford the shame of an ill-spent $3.99?

    A soul can't survive that much guilt.

    1. Scooby and Swamp Thing and I missed it? I'm so out of the loop!

      As for Karen...I opened the door for her, but she made her success all on her own, so if you don't like the book, don't blame me! : )

  2. Good news Dematteis, I enjoyed my first Berger book. You got lucky.

    So, does that mean you get the brunt of the responsibility, like you would have gotten the guilt for my lost $3.99?

    No of course not. Stop trying to take credit for women's work in comics.

    Now you may not think that is fair. Okay.

    Plus side, you are a hippie. So I just gave you fuel for a sappy folk song you can sing in the L Village in 1972. All about how the man is keeping you down.

    I don't know how you will get to 1972, and quite frankly that is your issue. I don't appreciate being bothered with it. I can't be dolling pout time travel every which way but loose.

    However, Seeds, by Ann Nocenti was an enjoyable read.

    I am a littel surprise she wrote a comic. With people pulling out all kinds of political and social readings from comics these days (some real some simply inferred) it doesn't seem like her scene.

    After all if there was one think Ms. Nocenti was known for, it is being a shrinking violet on the subject of sociopolitical commentary.

    I mean looking at the world today, I can't imagine that anyone with her writing track record having ANYTHING to say.

    Especially since her heyday was the 80s, and I keep hearing how social and political commentary in comics didn't exist until two or three years ago.

    However, Ms. Nocenti did write science fiction which has never been used to comment on the world.

    First issue recommended. I forgot how much I missed Ms. Nocenti's unique brand of crazy and bizarre.

    And just for the record, "unique brand of crazy and bizarre" is a compliment.


    1. Haven't read SEEDS yet but as both a Nocenti fan and a Berger fan (both professionally and personally on both counts), I'm sure it's great. Glad you enjoyed it 'cause I know you'd never let me forget it if you didn't! : )

    2. When I read the story, I realized the best way to describe Ms Nocenti's writing is "gorgeous insanity."
      From her Daredevil, to Seeds, that is really the only word.


  3. Noncenti did a New Mutants Annual that skewered popular television programming. One of my favorite annuals.

    1. Don't recall that one, but, if it was Ann, I'm sure it was good!