Monday, September 17, 2018


Had a really nice weekend at the Cincinatti Comic Expo—and especially enjoyed the Kraven's Last Hunt panel with my amazingly gifted collaborators Mike Zeck and Bob McLeod.  

I'm constantly amazed by—and grateful for—the long life this story has 
had:  treasured by old fans, still being discovered by new ones and continually in print.  We never dreamed we'd still be talking about KLH more than thirty years later. (Marvel just put out a new deluxe edition last month, featuring our sequel, Soul of the Hunter, along with a number of other Kraven-centric stories of mine.)

In the photo below, that's Bob M on the left, Mike Z in the middle and yours truly on the right.


  1. Kraven has been being put to good use in recent issues of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. It's actually kind of sweet.

  2. That's awesome! Is this the first time all three of you were in the same room together?


    1. No. We were all together last year at the East Coast Comic Con.

  3. I saw JMD, Mike Zeck, Bob McLeod, Jim Salicrup and Rick Parker at the 2017 East Coast Comic Con. It was great. I was able to get Web of Spider-Man #32 signed by all of them. Great show, and great seeing them all together.

    I know JM says he's written better Spider-Man stories, but in my opinion, "Kraven's Last Hunt" is the best Spider-Man story of all time, and I'm not the only person who has said that.

    FYI, Dan Slott recently stepped away from his long run on Spider-Man and when asked why he never used the Kraven character, he replied that in his opinion the character is dead. I agree with him.


    1. We had a great time at the East Coast Comic Con, George. Glad you were there!