Saturday, October 6, 2018


Just got back from a couple of packed days at the New York Comic Con.  Day One was spent promoting the new Constantine:  City of Demons—The Movie, which is coming out on DVD, BluRay and other formats on October 9th.  We had a great panel, with a huge enthusiastic crowd, and you can watch the entire thing below...

And here are a few more photos from Constantine Day.  That's Rachel Kimsey (the voice of Angela) on the left, followed by producer Butch Lukic, designer Phil Bourassa, actor Damian O'Hare (the voice of Chas), JMD and the CW Seed's Peter Girardi in the picture below.

Huge thanks to the amazing Gary Miereanu and his equally-amazing Warner Brothers team for making it a memorable day.

(Be back tomorrow with some photos from Friday's Berger Books panel.)


  1. Was there smoking? If there was no smoking, I'm not sure how much of a "Constantine Day" it could be.

    A Berger Books one though? Does that mean that there are plans for a Dematteis penned Berger Book?

    I naturally assume most of the panel was you telling the people about my positive review of Seeds on this site, and that you get none of the credit... but in the unlikely case of a bad Berger Book all the blame.

    What else would you talk about?


  2. Yep. I've got a new series coming from BB. I'll have a post about it later today.

    I didn't see anyone smoking...except one guy in a trench coat sitting wayyy in the back.

  3. Finally saw Constantine: City of Demons. It was excellent, but a bit demented as well. Some of those torturing scenes from hell were crazy.
    The ending reminded me of something you did in Justice League Dark.


    1. Glad you liked it, George—and you're right: The basic idea for the Big Sacrifice at the end of the movie came straight from one of my JLD stories (as did the little Constantine demons).