Wednesday, April 24, 2019


I chat with Comic Pop's Sal Crivelli about The Girl in the Bay, Impossible Incorporated, my Imagination 101 writing workshop, "The Big Why," and many other things.  Enjoy!


  1. "For the Man Who Has Everything..." from Superman Annual 11 in 1985 is my favorite Superman Comic Book of the 1980s and one of my favorite Superman stories of all time. It doesn't surprise me that you hadn't read it when you started working on the script for JLU. In fact, I'm not 100% sure I was aware that it was a popular book until I saw the animated version of the issue. There were a few Alan Moore Superman stories that were done. Besides this one, he had done an imagining of what Superman would've been like at the end. I actually thought that story arc was more popular.
    Regardless, seeing your animated version of Annual #11 was really amazing. It was my first inclination that the issue was actually appreciated by more than just myself. You absolutely did it Justice (pun intended).
    I do want to point out one small detail. I've heard over the years that one of the reasons DC held that phone voting poll to see if Robin (Jason Todd) lives or dies was because at the time the character wasn't very popular...wasn't very interesting. Well, in Superman Annual #11 Jason Todd (who is emitted from the animated version for obvious reasons) plays a critical role, and his character is actually fantastic. When someone thinks of Jason Todd, it's tough not to think of his death first. After that, there aren't many stories folks think about. I wish the comic book version of this story would get more attention, because it proves to me that it wasn't the character that was was the fact that he was written that way. Just my two cents.
    George Travlos

  2. I've always believed that there's no such thing as an uninteresting character, George. There's always a writer waiting i the wings who can find the right approach and make a "dull" character into someone the readers love.

    And thanks for your kind words about "For The Man..." As noted, if I'd known what a big deal the story was when I adapted it, I might have screwed it up! : )