Monday, March 6, 2023


Had a very lengthy, deep-dive conversation with comic book great Mark Millar for his Millar Time podcast. We went down some familiar roads—talking about my career and favorite projects—and some unexpected: discussing God, life, the universe, and everything. Big thanks to Mark for a delightful conversation. Hope you all enjoy it!


  1. Just HAD to take a moment to applaud this particular interview on Miller Time. Without question,not just my favorite creator interaction thus far, but IMHO, EASILY the best! Thank you SO very much for decades Bless you!

    1. You are very welcome. So glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Also-- Absolutely THRILLED when James Gunn broke the news concerning Creature Commandos! This long-ignored, mucho maligned feature deserves to be introduced to a MUCH wider audience. Frankly, in a myriad assortment of ways, your creation was inadvertently anticipating our post-post modern world and the appetite of today's audiences. Seemingly, a simple,almost willfully innocent high concept was and will finally find its rightful place amongst all-too many better known, but far less deserving properties. AND I sincerely hope that you make ludicrous amounts of long LONG last!

    3. Deep thanks for your kind words and good wishes! (Also, feel free to leave your name next time, so I know who I'm talking to.)