Monday, April 24, 2023


We wrapped the DeMultiverse Kickstarter at the beginning of November and now, as spring rears its charming head, the books are starting to arrive on the doorsteps of our backers. I'm delighted that folks will finally get a chance to read these stories and travel through the new worlds of the DeMultiverse. And I'm really looking forward to the vote, when we discover which of our series will be the first to continue!


  1. You posted this yesterday, and that was the day my came in the mail. How is that for a crazy?


    1. Actually Dematteis, if you notice, I made a typo. I typed 'my' instead of 'mine.'
      A typo is not perfection.


    2. I also read said comics last night. With my eyes and brain.


    3. Wisdom is the one I am most interested in reading more of aka the one written to trick me into thinking you were John Ostrander. Not very Ostrander-y though.

      Although, I am trying to figure out why a member of the Chippewa tribe... or Ojibwe as they prefer... was doing as far south as Kansas.
      Still...historical inaccuracies aside...defiantly my favorite.
      Still I am worried you got hit on the head or something, the main character was from New York, nit not Brooklyn. Are you okay?

      I think Anyman had the most interesting cliffhanger.

      Godsend had good set up, once tit was revealed the main character was an atheist. Shades of Gruenwald.

      Edward Gloom seemed to be where you had the most fun. From Dickens , to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, to Sherlock Holmes, to the phantom of the opera your 19th century was showing.

      Layla was neat.

      I can't help but wonder, once the voting is in, what is the format for continuing? A few felt like the first issue of a series or mini series, and a some like the opening of a graphic novel.


    4. Everyone who supported all four of the main titles gets to vote on which one will be the first to continue and the plan is to Kickstart a complete mini-series for that title. But I intend to finish them all. (Gloom is very close to a deal for that already.)
      Maybe we'll Kickstart them, maybe we'll do them through another publisher. Time will tell.

      But all of these stories are BIG. I see each one as a series of complete minis that could go on for years.

      And, yes, the Chippewa were in Kansas:

    5. The official history of the Ojibwe tribe steered me wrong then, so you can take it up with them

      HOWEVER, the more important part is that you appropriately gathered that I enjoyed all the comics. Including Layla, which surprised me. I don;t usually like stories about kids...with a few exceptions. I won't lie, I think her grandfather is who really sold the book for me.

      I will probably give them all another read before the "big vote" Wisdom was the one I most enjoyed, but who know if it will be on a second read.


    6. It's been great seeing the responses to the books come in.
      Glad you liked LAYLA, despite your reservations; and, yes, the grandfather is a great character, thanks in no small part to Shawn M's realization of him.

    7. Also, the grandfather is from Chicago, which has the exact same latitude as Rome.

      There is not point to that as far as the story goes. Or to anything else. Still... an interesting fact to know.


    8. All the artists were on their game, but I think if one deserves a special call out it was Godsend.
      The art, not just pencils, but also inks and colors, really helped set the mood effectively and quickly.


    9. Matt Smith not only penciled, inked, and colored GODSEND, he lettered it, too. A great talent. But, really, they all are!