Saturday, August 12, 2023


My new novella, a supernatural thriller called The Witness, with a cover and ten illustrations by the brilliant J.H. Williams III, will be out September 5th in ebook form, courtesy of the fine folks at Neotext Publishing. (A print edition will soon be available, as well.)

What’s it about?

On a sleepless night, Jonah Blake goes for a drive—and finds the world literally crashing down on him when a 757 drops out of the sky, exploding in the nearby woods.

Jonah, the lone witness to the event, soon finds himself engulfed in a maelstrom of voices and visions. Are these truly the souls of the 215 people who lost their lives aboard Flight 77—or is Jonah Blake losing his mind?

And if these are the spirits of the dead crying out to him—what do they want?

More info to come!  (And while you're waiting for The Witness, feel free to check out my 2022 Neotext novella, The Excavator.)


  1. Hey Dematteis, did you know that Magneto #4 will be the 400th comic book Marvel published by you?

    If you notice, it lists 404 items written by you, and four are television shows. I don't want to get too technical, but 404 minus 4 is 400


  2. I'll bet there are some Marvel obscurities they've missed...but I don't have the patience to go through the list and compare!

  3. Maybe, but I am some what familiar with the site and they have a lot of lesser known books on there. They have "The X-Men at the State Fair of Texas."

    I did not do much of a deep dive myself, I was really just checking if they had a chronological point for the Magneto series listed, and got curious.
    I did however check on books where you used an alias, like Star Wars, and for the Xanadu story. Those were there.

    Are you sure you are an American? Because 400 issues of a book is great excuse to have cake, and you seem do be dismissing it, that is borderline..I don't know...French?

    Of course, you probably would have reached this milestone earlier, except at one point you had to leave Marvel to be Jerry Seinfeld. As we all know, anyone born in the five Burroughs of New York can be called upon to be Jerry Seinfeld for some period of time. He is not actually a person, he is more like jury duty.


    1. "He is not actually a person, he is more like jury duty." I found that hilarious. Good work!

    2. Don't congratulate me Dematteis, congratulate the city of New York for its bizarre law.

      I WILL however take credit for not using the obvious, and incredibly stupid pun "Jerry Duty."