Tuesday, September 5, 2023


My new novella—a supernatural thriller called The Witness—is on sale today, courtesy of the fine folks at Neotext Publishing

Featuring a cover and ten extraordinary illustrations by the brilliant J.H. Williams III, The Witness is the story of Jonah Blake, who finds the world literally crashing down on him when a 757 drops out of the sky. The subsequent explosion rips through Jonah's life in multiple ways, and opens the door to a terrifying, and perhaps soul-transforming, paranormal experience.

This is a story I've been living with for more than twenty years and I'm thrilled to finally see it in the world.  You can read a preview at the Neotext site and purchase the book (in either ebook or print form) at Amazon.


  1. Have any of you comics veterans ever thought of putting together a system to promote your work outside the big two?

    There have been several kickstarter projects I have not heard about until after they were done.
    Despite having contributed to the first Dreadstar GN Kickstarter, because there was a change in publishers, I only knew because I saw it on your Twitter feed on this very site. That feed is not gone.
    That is not even including stuff like this, that are put out by more grounded and guaranteed means, that just go under the radar.

    I can't be the only the one who had this happen to them.

    If you guys who have made your name worked together to have a singular promotion system could help all of you connect with fans, and fans connect with projects they may want to read and not know about.

    Just a thought.