Wednesday, October 11, 2023


Magneto #3 is out today!  This is my favorite issue so far as we reveal Irae's explosive origin and literally descend into the depths of Erik Lehnsherr's dark and troubled psyche.  Here's the Marvel hype:

"MAGNETO FALLS TO THE SISTERHOOD OF EVIL MUTANTS! Meet the ALL-NEW SISTERHOOD OF EVIL MUTANTS, as MAGNETO must wrestle with the sins of his past! What is the true source of IRAE’s obsession with the Master of Magnetism, and how does it figure into X-MEN history?"

Story by yours truly, art by Todd Nauck, color by Rochelle Rosenberg, and letters by Travis Lanham.  Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hi J.M Just want to extend my condolences for the passing of Keith. He was a heck of a comics author and sure was responsible for a lot of fun in my life. But I am sure for a friend like you, it is a much harder issue. My sentiments man.

  2. Hey there J.M, letting you know I have been enjoying this book, I have been a lapsed X-Men fan for decades and this book allows me to relive the Eric of my childhood, it's a refresher course on what makes the man behind the magnetism. I hope you are considered for more X-Men down the line in Tom Brevoort's new era, as I've noticed a certain amount of seasoned writers have been recruited to script comics set in the present timeline.

    1. Thanks, Zarius. I've loved taking this journey through Magneto's psyche and I'm very open to playing more in the X-sandbox...especially if it involves Magneto. So glad you're enjoying the book!