Sunday, April 14, 2024


I talk to the Capes and Lunatics podcast about Shadow of the Green Goblin and all things Spidey. It's embedded below. Enjoy! 


  1. If I may, I think the demise of webspinners was a two-fold issue. Partially, because Marvel was still struggling to get back on its feet because of the bankruptcy, and partially because Legends of the Dark Knight has a very different set of circumstances.
    Post Crisis, the early days of Btman were still somewhat nebulous, and Denny O'Neil had a unique vision for Batman, and what the books could become.

    Though, actually I would prefer the opposite...or sort of opposite. A Something like Batman Black and White, or the Marvel copy Shadows and light, which tell continuity free stories from major characters.

    Think of all the fun you could have as a writer in that scenario. Now forget yo are a comic writer, and remember when you were a fan. How much would you love the crazy, continuity free Jim Starlin Fantastic Four or Thor story!

    Also, you forgot to mention the reason you have gotten to write this mini series, and the previous, and the next one that has already been green-lit apparently...MY LETTERS. I understand, you want the world to believe it was sales alone that got the books out, but you and I know the truth.


    1. Sure, Jack. Whatever you say! ; )

    2. Was that sarcasm? Are you saying a continuity free Jim Starlin Thor or Fantastic Four story WOULDN'T be insane and incredibly enjoyable? Perhaps even insanely enjoyable?

      That Denny O'Neil did not have a unique take on the Batman?

      I am going to have to disagree with you on both those points, and there is nothing else in my post you could even possibly dispute with your bitter sarcasm.


    3. Sarcasm? ME? And, yes, a Starlin FF would be a delight.

  2. Thanks for sharing that, Jack. It's important.