Tuesday, October 18, 2022


The DeMultiverse PR blitz continues, first with Jace of the Comic Source podcast (you can listen right here)...

...and then with Scott Larson of the Visitations podcast, which you can watch below. More to come!


  1. Here is a question, Dematteis.

    You one said that every story you write is somewhat about the Brooklyn you grew up in. Brooklyn is a pretty different place these days, for instance the number of cows and acres of wheat are far lower. That is not to say anything of pricing out much of the once iconic working class communities..

    If you were to write a story set in the modern real world, would you still set it in Brooklyn, or some place more analogous to the Brooklyn you knew as a lad. Like..I don;t know...Cleveland?

    Of course, if you are going tom write a story set in Cleveland you might as well just write a Golden Age Superman story. Or Harvey Pekar. Or the Golden Age Superman vs. Harvey Pekar.

    Alright Dematteis, you sold me. Go pitch Superman vs. Harvey Pekar on Earth-2. I'll allow it


    1. That wasn't meant in a literal way; just that we carry the sum of our experiences, especially our formative ones, with us throughout our lives and, in some ways, they echo through everything we do.

      Superman vs. Harvey Pekar is a book I would buy. I suspect Harvey would win!

    2. Yes Dematteis, I am aware it was not literal. We had that discussion at the time.

      Just remember...

      In Gotham, there is ABSOLUTELY a well meaning teacher who noticed Dick Grayson kept coming to school with bruises... or worse, attempts to cover up bruises. Then noticed after Dick graduated, his guardian brought in another kid who did the same thing, then died, with no friends invited to the funeral. Then that local kid Tim Drake had the same thing happen when he started hanging around at the house.
      The Bruce Wayne DEFINITELY had her fired, so he would not have to explain things.
      Punished for taking a a genuine interest in her students welfare.
      She probably fantasizes about finding Batman, to have him go after the billionaire who keeps abusing kids, and the system that enables him.

      At least Peter Parker a history of being bullied as an excuse.


    3. And that's why superhero comic book "reality" can only bend so far!

  2. J.M. while you are promoting the DeMultiverse, you are also working on the Krav
    en sequel. How do you balance your time? You even have enough time to interact with your fans!

    1. Yep! Working on the Lost Hunt, writing a novel, and promoting the DeMultiverse. How do I balance my time? Honestly, I have no idea. I just follow the flow the best I can!