Thursday, October 27, 2022


The DeMultiverse Kickstarter hit the two week mark on Tuesday and yesterday we smashed through the $40,000.00 barrier. The more money we bring in, the more solid the future becomes for our four new titles: Anyman, Layla in the Lands of After, Godsend, and Wisdom. Deep thanks to everyone who's come on the journey with us so far and we hope more of you will join us in the next two weeks.

Remember: If you support all four books, or buy the DeMultiverse collection, you get to vote on which on these titles goes to series first!

Oh, and that image up above? That's my JLI cohort Kevin Maguire's alternate cover for Anyman. Thanks, Kevin!

Meanwhile, on Twitch: I had a wonderful conversation with my amazing daughter Katie and her cohorts at Amateur(ish) Productions. We talked about the DeMultiverse, my novella, The Excavator, the wonders of the creative process, and more. You can listen right here.

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