Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Having enjoyed my recent Masterclass experiences at the Ottawa Writer's Festival and the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, I've put together a weekend workshop that I'm very excited about.  The first class will be in the fall and the official announcement is below.  Hope to see you there!

writing for comic books, graphic novels and animation
with J.M. DeMatteis

 Friday November 4th, 7 pm to 9 pm
              Saturday November 5th, 10 am to 5 pm (90 minute break for lunch)
              Sunday November 6th, 9 am to 1 pm
Martin Aaron Office Complex in Kingston, New York
              (two hours north of New York City)
Join master storyteller J.M. DeMatteis for a weekend exploring the realms of imagination, from the metaphysical to the practical.  We’ll ponder the big questions...

~ Where do ideas come from?
~ What part does will play in the creative process? 
~ Is the best writing actually an act of channeling?
~ Do we create the story or does the story create us?

...and tackle the day-to-day realities of a career writing superhero sagas, fantasy epics and animation:

~ What’s the difference between “Marvel style” and “full script”?
~ What’s the value of editors?
~ Are agents necessary?
~ How do you handle rejection without jumping out the nearest window?

Come prepared to listen—as JMD shares stories and insights gleaned from more than thirty years writing comics, television, film and novels—but be prepared to work:  you’ll pitch ideas, dialogue artwork and help create a story from the ground up.

Bring all your questions, too:  this won’t be a brief, two hour seminar.  You’ll have an entire weekend, in an intimate setting, to explore your own creativity with J.M. DeMatteis as your guide.

Cost $415.00
Class size is limited.  To guarantee your place, register now.

To register and for more more information about lodging and transportation:  imaginationworkshops@gmail.com


  1. Wow, that sounds awesome! Alas, it's a little too far for me to make it unfortunately.

  2. Alas indded, Jay: I'm hoping to take the show on the road in the spring, so maybe I'll get closer to where you are!

  3. If you decide to head to Manitoba, Canada I can throw in some complimentary curling lessons, if that sweetens the pot any. :)

  4. I wouldn't mind bringing the workshop to Canada at some point: let's see what the universe has in mind!

  5. Congrats, JM. I imagine you'll get as much out of it as the students.

    I have to say, even the questions in the course description gets my mind thinking about the topic, which is good, because I'm currently creating a new comic. I'm in the inking stage right now, but the next step will be to scan the pages and then create the dialogue. Kind of like Marvel Method, but I happen to be the artist and writer!

    Best wishes to your teaching experience, and hopefully you'll be able to travel with the course.

  6. And best wishes to you, Javier, with your comic book. Hope it's a great success for you.

    With luck, I'll be taking IMAGINATION 101 on the road in the spring, but right now I'm concentrating on making the November Hudson Valley class as good as it can be...so please spread the word!

  7. I can't imagine anyone more qualified to teach this, JMD!


  8. Thanks, David. You should come to the workshop!

  9. Hey JM: I have posted a link to your blog site here about Imagination 101 on my SillWill Studios/Press Facebook page. Don't know if it'll help, but can't hurt. I have over 600 'friends' there. Good luck with it! Sounds like there are going to be some VERY lucky students.

  10. Deep thanks, A. Jaye: your efforts are sincerely appreciated!

  11. Any hope for bringing this out west? I would do anything ti go, but with the price and travel from California, it's just too much for me. I hope this is a success so you can taje it on the road.

  12. I would love to bring IMAGINATION 101 to California, Kristoffer. We'll see what 2012 brings!
    I'll certainly keep everyone here at Creation Point up on what's going on with the workshop.

    Thanks for your good wishes...and thanks for checking in. All the best -- JMD

  13. One more thing, Kristoffer (and anyone else who's interested): if you want to be kept up on all things IMAGINATION 101, write to imaginationworkshops@gmail.com and I'll put you on the mailing list!

  14. Y'know, if this seminar of yours ever travels down to Louisiana...we've got food here. Good food. I mean, not that I'm trying to bribe you with delicious Cajun and Creole and everything-else cuisine or anything...

    (We also have music.)

    At any rate, I hope your seminar is a fantastic experience both for your and your very lucky students!

  15. Thanks for the invitation (and the culinary temptation), Trux. I really would like to take the show on the road so maybe one of these days...!

  16. And after you roll through Louisiana, it's a straight shot to Texas. You can have a tailgate party during lunch break with the best BBQ you've ever tasted!

    (And truxillogical is right, Cajun food is great, too!)



  17. Mr. DeMatteis, how about bringing Imagination 101 to São Paulo, Brazil? :)

  18. Now that's an interesting thought, Ivan! Once I get the workshop up and running -- and if I can find a sponsor -- I'd delighted happy to go international.

  19. If you can get to White River Junction, VT.... Myself and some CCS students I know would be the happiest people on Earth.

  20. Well, if you can find me a venue and enough students, I'll be happy to do it!