Monday, October 14, 2013


Comic book writer, and all around good guy, Steve Niles (perhaps best known as the creator of 30 Days of Night) and his wife, singer-songwriter Monica Richards, lost just about everything a few days ago when flood waters overran their Texas home.  (You can read more about it here.)  It’s the kind of nightmare scenario that you don’t even want to contemplate, but Steve and Monica are living it right now.  The good news is they’re both fine, but they need help to rebuild their lives.  If you can find it in your hearts, and your wallets (I know these are tough times for a lot of people), please send a contribution, via PayPal, to  Steve and Monica will appreciate it...and so will I.

UPDATE:  Writer Mike Miner has organized an online auction to benefit Steve and Monica.  You'll find original art, script reviews by the likes of Ron Marz and Scott Snyder and signed books—including a 1989 hardcover edition of Kraven's Last Hunt, signed by yours truly.  Click on over to the auction site and check it out.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I've been talking and talking lately—mostly about Justice League Dark and Phantom Stranger—to the fine folks at Comic Vine, Newsarama and Comic Book Resources.  Follow those highlighted links and you'll find out everything you need to know, and possibly more, about what's coming up in those two books.  And if you still haven't had enough of my blathering, you can read this interview with Comicosity that I did (along with some kid named Giffen, who's desperately trying to break into the business) last month at the Baltimore Comic Con.  

And yada yada yada.


In honor of what would have been John Lennon's 73rd birthday, here's a 1972 John and Yoko appearance on The Dick Cavett Show.  This is the episode in its entirety, which gives a real sense of time and place.  It also includes a superb live version of one of Lennon's most controversial songs, "Woman is the Nigger of the World." Enjoy.  And Happy Birthday, John...wherever you are.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Back in 2010 I told you about a book of essays I contributed to called Hey Kids, Comics!:  True Life Tales from the Spinner RackHey Kids—which finally made its debut last month—is a true labor of love from illustrator and blogger Rob Kelly, who collected stories about growing up comics-obsessed from an interesting collection of folks, including novelist and television writer Alan Brennert, legendary comics creator Steve Englehart and IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall.  It’s a wonderful book and if, like me, you spent a good part of your childhood sprawled out on the living room floor, immersed in superhero universes that often seemed far more real than this one, I suspect you’ll enjoy it.  Click on over to Amazon and read more about it.  You can also read an excerpt from my essay right here.