Story Consultation

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Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to mentor young writers:  sharing my knowledge and experience, teaching them about the vital basics of craft and encouraging them to grow beyond their comfort zones and embrace the art of story.  There’s no joy greater than creating your own tale, surrendering to the mysteries and metaphysics of storytelling; but there’s a unique pleasure to be found in helping others do the same:  to see someone’s personal vision take shape, to watch their creative selves transform and grow.

In recent years I’ve continued this mentoring in new forms, as a freelance editor and through my Imagination 101 writing workshops.  Teaching the workshops has been a genuine delight.  You can’t beat sitting in a conference room for an entire weekend, working intimately with aspiring writers:  answering their questions, dissecting their ideas, enjoying the electric atmosphere generated by a group of enthusiastic, creative people.  The workshops will continue—but I’ve also seen a need for a one-on-one mentoring program, which is why I launched Creation Point Story Consultation. 

CPSC provides anyone who’s interested with a chance to get feedback, analysis, hands-on editing and sincere encouragement as they build their imaginary worlds from the ground up.  Perhaps you’ve got an idea for a comic book that you’ve been wanting to develop for years, or a half-written graphic novel, a first draft screenplay, even The Great American Novel.  Creation Point Story offers you a chance to bring that work to the next level.  

Creation Point works on an hourly basis, billed at $200.00 an hour for reading and discussing the material—and I ask for a minimum of two hours, paid in advance.  (Less than that and I’d never have time to read the material or give you the kind of feedback you need.  Also keep in mind that the longer the material, the more time I’ll require.)  You can either receive written notes on your story or we can arrange a telephone or Skype talk to discuss it.

f you're interested in my services, send an email to:

Maybe we’ll find ourselves working together soon.

"My script is ten times better thanks to JMD. His years of storytelling experience make him the perfect coach for writers. He was encouraging, motivating, and willing to share his own personal experiences.  He doesn’t tell me 'how' to write. Instead, he selflessly offers helpful input and asks important questions that help strengthen the story, plot and characters."—Bret Eric Bernal

“Working with JM DeMatteis is a lifelong dream come true.  His intense approach to writing will ensure that the story you tell is true to the source and to the soul.”—Onrie Kompan

“Using J.M.'s consultation service is a fantastic way for anyone seriously interested in comics or creative writing to step further into the craft.  He offers invaluable feedback, honest constructive criticism, praise, and support, all while treating people not as wannabes, but as fellow creators.  Learning from J.M. is an immensely rewarding process and his words will stick with you long after the session wraps.”—Erik Radvon

“When you work with a long-established writer, you worry that he'll just ‘overwrite’ your ideas with his own.  J.M. does nothing of the sort.  He works with your idea, finding ways to express it more fully.  Suggestions are offered without pressure or insistence, and his observations are always sharp and often present more than one way to arrive at a solution.”—Brian McDonough

"I've been a fan of J M DeMatteis' writing since Kraven's Last Hunt, and was thrilled to work with him on the other side of the page. His across the board experience was relevant to every kind of story I wanted to tell—superhero, horror, short or epic—you name it, he's not only done it but done it right. And he's as passionately committed to your vision as his own. Whatever you want to say, JMD will help you find the quickest route from your heart to the page to the reader. He told me what worked and what didn't, and his instincts were always spot-on. The end result is something more than I ever imagined, precisely because it's what I'd always imagined: my Story."—David Walton

“J.M. was very helpful in guiding us toward better characters, plot development and dialogue.  He asked lots of questions, which helped us come up with answers on our own.  When we ran out of ideas, J.M. generously offered up great ideas that helped us see our creation in new ways.  I would recommend J.M. for any story type.”—Adam Van Wyk