Wednesday, April 26, 2023


Last week Marvel announced my latest project, a four issue mini-series—brought to brilliant visual life by Todd Nauck—called Magneto, taking place during the time Erik Lehnsherr was headmaster of the Xavier Institute.  
As I said over on  

“Magneto may be the single most complex character in the Marvel Universe:  a man of dizzying contradictions who has endured, and caused, extraordinary suffering. Who’s been both villain and hero. Whose long, tangled history invites endless exploration.

“Our new Magneto series allows us to look at all aspects of Erik Lehnsherr’s soul and psyche—at a period when he was trying to put his life as a so-called ‘evil’ mutant behind him and step, somewhat reluctantly, into Charles Xavier’s shoes, attempting to guide a new generation of mutants. We also get to look back at the early days of the X-Men—one of my favorite periods in Marvel history—and introduce a new villain, born in the cauldron of Magneto’s dark past.”

Magneto #1 will be out in August!

Monday, April 24, 2023


We wrapped the DeMultiverse Kickstarter at the beginning of November and now, as spring rears its charming head, the books are starting to arrive on the doorsteps of our backers. I'm delighted that folks will finally get a chance to read these stories and travel through the new worlds of the DeMultiverse. And I'm really looking forward to the vote, when we discover which of our series will be the first to continue!