Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Got back very late last night from La Mole Comic Con, exhausted but grateful for a wonderful experience. 

Thanks to everyone at the convention for taking such good care of us, for treating us with tremendous warmth, affection and respect. What a wonderful group of people working at the show and what an amazing group of fans.

Viva Mexico!

I think I signed more comics in a single day
than I have at other cons in an entire weekend.

"Going Sane" was a story that came across my table again and again.
That's Jorge, one of the convention organizers, along with
a sweet little fan who'd just finished chemo.
(The good news:  he's doing fine.) 
Irais was a superb translator who was with us all through the con,
seeing to our every need with grace and humor.

In the age of the cell phone, I posed for pictures almost as often a
s I signed comics.

Kraven's Last Hunt was everywhere...

...in a variety of editions.

I repeat:  Viva Mexico!

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