Monday, June 11, 2018


Just got back from an amazing trip to Italy, starting with our time at the Etna Comics Festival in Sicily, then moving on to Calabria (home of my Italian grandparents and quite a few current-day DeMatteises) and then the extraordinary city of Rome.  

Because I'm still jet lagged, it's a little difficult to put together coherent sentences at the moment:  I'll have more to say about our incredible journey in another post.  For now, I'll share some photos from Etna.  Enjoy!


  1. Sigh. Wake up Dematteis, there is no Italy. It's all a giant scam. You went to Delaware... or maybe south Greece or northern Norway with special effects (that is where the Europeans go to "Italy".)

    The immigrants hat have come from this country obviously are from west Luxembourg. That goes without saying.

    Oddly enough Malta IS real. Also real, Isreal. It is right there ion the name Is-real.

    I'm sorry you had to find out this way. Its never easy finding out you were taken for a ride... but it is for the best.

    Man, they saw you coming a mile away.


    1. Well, wherever I was, the food was amazing!

    2. Well, then you weren't in Norway. Lutefisk, which is common in Scandinavian countries, is the absolutely worst smelling food imaginable.

      So, I guess it was Delaware or Greece. If you had lamb based food more likely Greece and Crab would be Delaware.

      OF course they may have done something else for the ruse.

      Interesting fact about Malta, until the late 90s, it was the only group to be given the cross of St. George collectively.

      Yep, they got that high British Military honor. It was for how much they suffered in WWII... having been apart of the British Empire, in the Fascist and Fascist occupied Mediterranean.

      Also PKD wrote in one of his books that Mediterranean women (specifically citing Greek, Italian, and Jewish) as the most beautiful women in the world. Specifically because of their

      I will point out, only one of his five wives were of Mediteranian descent, the second. So, that may have been tome awkwardness when 3-5 read that.


    3. Well, that was an unexpected detour!

    4. Which part, how so?


    5. The whole thing! A far journey from some photos of my trip to Italy!

    6. Well, I see several women of Mediterranean background in those photos.

      And isn't Philip K. Dick in all things? And aren't Jewish women always on topic?

      Those are just the rules of life.

      As for the first part, I'm just trying to figure out which "Italy" you were in.

      And I'm sorry if the suffering of the people of Malta for the Allied cause means so little.

      Man, Baby Boomers, what they say about you guys is true. You really don't care about the suffering of sacrifices of the Greatest Generation. You pinkos just take it all for granted, don't you?

      So, I think now we see that you are the one taking the unexpected detour.

      I accept your apology. I know, I'm all heart.


    7. Have you ever thought of taking this act on the road? : )

  2. I can see all of your happiness in holding the volume that collects one of your best works. I've started to collect comics in 2019 and I really struggled to find that volume even online, because it was sold out in nearly all Italy. Now it is nearly impossible to find that volume, even though it had been printed 3 years ago. It's such a shame that that volume hasn't been reprinted since 2017. I even bought the old spider-man comics of the 90's just to have your entire "spectacular spider-man" run. Your spider-man is one of my favourite spider-man.

    Some random Italian guy (If i did some grammar errors, sorry)

  3. I still have warm, wonderful memories of that trip to Italy and the amazing Italian fans. All the very best to you and everyone there!