Sunday, December 8, 2019


Worth repeating every year...


  1. On a more positive note than gun violence, Dec. 8 is also the gay the 13th amendment was passed... making slavery illegal in every state in America.


    1. That was supposed to say day, not gay. Probably because it was a happy thing.

      Actually, I just hit the wrong key and didn't proof read... but that sounds better.


    2. Almost a week late hear is something I wanted to add to the mention of the 13th amendment.

      a quote from a soldier from my home state of Michigan, one of the 1/6 of Michigan Civil War soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

      This is from a letter he sent to his wife:

      "The more I learn of the cursed institution of slavery, the more I feel willing to endure, for its final destruction ... After this war is over, this whole country will undergo a change for the better ... Abolishing slavery will dignify labor; that fact of itself will revolutionize everything ... Let Christians use all their influence to have justice done to the black man."

      For all the talk of the terribel things our ancestors did, and as a species their is plenty, we should remember people often did not lat down for justice.

      Michigan actually had among the largest number who volunteered to serve (it was the first draft war).

      Lincoln even once said, "Thank God for Michigan."

      If you want to learn more about Michigan's history in the Civil war these short videos are very informative, and one is a song about Michigan.

      You if you do not want to learn them, I would not recommend watching.

      Another important thing to note is, that there are records of soldiers from around the Union seeing and speaking with former slaves after the passing of the emancipation proclamation, forming deep abolishionist views.

      Most notably were members of Sherman's famous march to the sea.