Thursday, February 25, 2021


 “The book that I shall make people read is the book of the heart, which holds the key to the mystery of life.”

Avatar Meher Baba


  1. I've learned how important it is to open my heart and mind to anything that has a centering effect on my soul. Between the music and the images, I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I presume you heard that the New York Times has recently said that the best bagels in America can be found in... Los Angeles.

    Since you are a native New Yorker, I presume this is the height of blasphemy for you?

    Should Creation Point be expecting delays in posts, or your in upcoming comic works for whatever stunt you pull as a result?


    1. Clearly an early April Fool's gag on the part of the Times, Jack. There's no other explanation.

    2. Well, Ben Reilly once said (while in Utah) that you can't get a decent bagel outside of New York.

      Of course... he also said he was the original Peter Parker, and we all know how that ended.

      So...maybe L.A. DOES have the best bagels.

      Okay Dematteis, what time should I expect the assassinate come after me for making a joke about New York bagels?

      I have heard New Yorkers talk of bagels before, I know how it ends.

      I regret NOTHING!!!!!!!! But.... I do blame my good friend Ben Reilly.


    3. Poor Ben gets blamed for everything.

    4. Like I said, Ben is my good friend. I guess I could blame the writer who put the words in his mouth... who was that again? G.N. Destovsky I believe... or something like that.


  3. Dematteis, if Marvel or DC offered you a mini series or ongoing, where you wrote about Peter Parker or Clark Kent, not Spider-man or Superman (some powers, but not super heroics) would you write it? I feel like i would read that comic.

    Also, and more importantly, I heard that New Jersey is just a spooky story residents of New York state tell each other to freak them out. Is that true?

    I'm not really sure what is so scary about it, but IN guess different groups have different fears.

    Because... you didn't hear it from me, but Indiana is just a practical joke Illinois and Ohio are playing on the rest of the country *we were sword to secrecy... Wisconsin and Kentucky are clueless).


    1. Interesting question. How about a Clark Kent/Peter Parker team-up book? Intrepid reporter and equally-intrepid photographer doing investigative journalism together?

    2. I'm not sure i would call Peter Parker intrpid

      Are you talking about some kind of story where the military and Lex Corp, or S.H.I.E.L.D., or CHeckmate, doing something something that can only be stopped by exposing it... so punching or webbing wouldn't be an option... maybe even tip the people off? Making it a thriller? Some kind of black-ops or military industrial complex doing dirty deeds in the shadows?

      With Ben Urich connecting the two revealing an old friendship between the two, and Ben already kind of knowing who Clark his? Fashbacks with Ben, Clark and Lois at the Washington Press Club? Ben doing the work with no byline, for a different paper since he realizes The Planet's better reputation is the way to get the story out, and acting as a sort of redemption story for his actions in the Elektra saga and Civil War?

      Ben and Lois (Lane) doing research while the two are in the field, and the extensions of what ever group they are reporting on starts going after those two as well?

      Clark calling Lois and Pete calling MJ at times showing the strengths of each other's relationships. Pete and MJ as two wounded people who get each other and Clark and Lois as partners on the same wavelength?

      Ben mentoring Pete through the story? MJ could even come to Ben, wanting to help, and Ben refusing because he doesn't want to Peter's girlfriend (wife?) in danger, finally accepting there are so few people he can go to, lets her go through files and paper work and files? Allowing us to see MJ use her brain, learn her thoughts on the world and and government/corporate America? Digging into parts of her life we never see?


    3. ...continued...

      Even have Daredevil... sorry Matt Murdock... in a small part when the business or military, or SHIELD, or CHECKMATE, or whatever, tries to silence them with lawyers?

      Green Arrow having protested as Oliver Queen, then (or perhaps instead) gotten roughed up as Green Arrow, showing this is not a superheros book? And acting as the source that tips off Clark to the true goings on?

      A deep dive into the nature of power and ethics, deep character dives, while being a gripping thriller?

      You could even have some kind of propagandist station covering for the company or military branch, unknowingly covering up deaths and making excuses that would have to be debunked.

      Dematteis, I am so unhappy with you right now, because you writing this comic could... and I am dead serious about this... very well be my favorite comic book ever. EVER. Absolutely no joke.

      But you aren't going to write it...but it would be so good. Great even.

      But who would draw it? It has to be someone who can capture the gritty mode, without overdoing the feeling.

      It could EASILY be 7-12 issues.

      Cassady takes too long.

      Steve Epting? He was great with all the political thriller stuff he did with Brubaker. Also might be better to get someone from the older days.

      80s Frank Miller would be perfect, but his art has become more bombastic since then, wouldn't fit.

      Mike Grell?

      Sal Busecema or Romita Jr.? They can both draw spider-man expertly, but I don;t think Clark would be the right style.

      Maybe Jurgens INKED by Romita Jr., to subtly push the idea that the story is about hidden darkness.

      Actually, you know who would be great... Al Milgrom.

      That was so mean, Dematteis. I am so mad this won't be a thing.

      There could also be a sequel were Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne team up to mass produce something that infringed on personal rights inspired by the Super-human registration Act, planting trackers on people without connect (something Batman actually did), building a satellite to essentially commit genocide against superhuman (something Batman actually did), Hacking into computers without connect (something both actually do all the time).

      Then look around and see they outsourced most jobs to near slave labor conditions, refuse to let the few workers they have in the U.S. to unionize (making their conditions terrible, clogged the government with money, and realize they might be the bad guys some of the time.

      Of course, to have both (or even one) of tehir egos realize they might have done something that was not perfect would take at least 50 issues. No way that would get greenlit.

      But what other Secret identity stories would THE J,M. Dematteis want to write? And how much of a a mental institution be involved?


      P.S. I take your silence on the matter to mean New Jersey is not real.

    4. I don't think ANYTHING is actually real...except the Love that connects us all. (This concludes today's philosophical sidebar.)

      Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne? I think you've got a new team-up book ready to go!

    5. And with THAT team up you can finally unleash all of your hippy rage at the 1 percent. However, I feel like it might take ta urn for the Dickensian.

      Next up, the Ben Grimm/Diana Prince Romance comics!


    6. Finally, a woman who can put Ben in his place! : )

    7. I think there are only two more that can be made, and they are rather obvious...

      Steve Rogers and Oliver Queen, meeting in a sit-down deli or neighborhood Italian restaurant and having a "My Dinner with Andre" type thing. In an 80 page giant.

      It is almost too obvious.

      And... of course... Namor and Arthur Curry, at a bus stop having an awkward conversation as they wait for a but to take them from an unplanned simultaneous visit to Arizona to order copper wiring for the two Atlanti, bac to the ocean.

      Boom. I just saved comics, and got you five new Eisners. You. Are. Welcome.


    8. With all this talking, the only artist who could do these stories justice is Kevin Maguire.

    9. I love Maguire's artwork but.... are you sure he is up to the break neck action of Steve and dolly debating over the check, and the Namor/Arthur awkward pause, and false starts?

      I will have to insist however that the restaurant Steve and Ollie is a neighborhood-type place. Not a chain, but not too fancy either. long will it take for Ollie to mention "a corrosive moral cancer"?


    10. Kevin is probably the ONLY artist who could make arguing over a check visually interesting!