Wednesday, September 21, 2022


On a windy October night in 1995, thirteen-year-old Layla Tripp is swept away to a land where trees read minds, rivers sing, and animals talk. But this isn’t Oz or Wonderland. Layla is DEAD…and these are the Lands of After!

But Layla refuses to accept her fate and so—with the help of a group of friends, old and new—she sets out to return to the land of the living.

But is it too late?

With art by Shawn McManus, color by Arthur Hesli, and lettering by Taylor Esposito, Layla in the Lands of After is one of four new series I’m launching via Kickstarter and Spellbound Comics.

Head over to the Spellbound site to learn more. And join our Spellbound Comics Facebook group!

The DeMultiverse is coming!

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