Wednesday, January 10, 2024


FedEx just dropped off this hefty tome—collecting the final issues of my 90s Silver Surfer run (primarily illustrated by my old friend Jon J Muth)—along with some great stories by Tom DeFalco, Louise Simonson, and other folks. Nice to see these back in print!

And speaking of collections, February will see the release of the final Justice League International omnibus, which will include not just the balance of the original Giffen-DeMatteis run, but our reunion series Formerly Known As The Justice League, I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League, and Justice League Retroactive—all brought to life by the brilliant Kevin Maguire. The omnibus will also feature a new Maguire cover (not pictured here) and a tribute to our departed pal, the founding father of the JLI, Keith Giffen. 

I hope, somewhere, Keith's happy these stories are back in print. But he'd probably just shrug and say, "Ah...who cares?"—if only for dramatic effect.

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