Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Had a fun talk with the fine folks at the Spideydude Experience podcast about my upcoming Shadow of the Green Goblin mini-series. We also discussed some of my past Spider-Man stories, as well as the upcoming DeMultiverse Phase Two and other things. It's embedded below. Enjoy!


  1. As soon as a I saw this mini series I had one thought, is this a spiritual trilogy with your other recent Spidey mini series? Like the Valis trilolgy, where they are not the same story, but they are clearly a writer examining similar themes in direct connection. If folks read all three back to back, will they get that vibe?
    Are you going to write a story that brings back Vibe?


    1. Well, you could say ALL my work is "clearly a writer examining similar themes," right? That said, the first two were mirror stories of Ben and Peter in the same period. This third one is set years earlier, so I don't see them forming a trilogy.

      I believe Vibe is break dancing his way across the heavens. Or the CW.

    2. Well, I will take your word for that. However, I named dropped the Valis trilogy, which includes a book set in the (then) modern day, about a man receiving messages from God, a book set in the far future with God contacting a space colonist who transcends dimensions while interacting with physical manifestations of Jewish religious concepts in a dystopian Earth, and a finally a small story about a woman recounting how her father and son who she loved in different ways, religious beliefs she respected drive her away from organized religion. Much bigger difference than time periods.

      Since both previous mini series were specifically about prioritizing one's self in the wake of massive changes, and seeking out companionship as that headspace creates a sense of personal isolation that scenario. With the ultimate test being to reach out to others. In Ben's case Ashley Kafka (after a false start with Spidercide), and with Peter opening up to his wife.
      So, depending on how the Goblin story shakes out, I would argue it could still be spiritually connected.
      We shall see.

      As for Vibe... he only break danced 1 and a half times. It is only ever brought up to discount Vibe as a character, and it is done for the same reason new characters are discounted now fans unwilling to accept new things.

      VIBE...Vibe tackled the idea of code-switching long before it was talked about in the mainstream. Everyone claims he is "not a real justice leaguer," and that he was a disgrace to the team.
      However, he left his native city, and family to move to a whole new place giving the reason that he "made a commitment." Meanwhile, everyone's beloved satellite team were terrible people, but no one calls them out for it.

      That is right Dematteis, you and Giffen were the League's redemption arc for one of the heaviest deconstructionist arcs of all time


    3. Actually, Vibe had the last laugh: He became an integral part of the Flash TV series and nobody was laughing. In fact, many of those Conway characters went on to success in TV.

    4. Aquaman only started the team because he was going through a divorce, torched Steel constantly, then after promising Superman he was in it for the long hall. Then on the second mission, he gets back with Mera and leaves.
      But no, let's hate on Vibe, the buy in it for the long hall.

      It is called the Justice League Detroit, but most of the issues they were in New York. Why? Because Zatanna made them move, then disappeared from the book for months. Of course that Was AFTER the plane ride to New York, where she and Martian Manhunter talked very loudly in front of the otehr members about how there is not much of a justice league any more. You know, AFTER getting them to move to one of the most expensive cities in the world, with no jobs waiting.

      And Elongated Man? He was the worst of them all. He and his wife constantly talked about how it was not the "real" league, and complaining about being in Detroit..after the people of the neighborhood welcomed them with a block party, in the first appearance of the team.
      Despite the cuts and runs from the league when the world is in peril, and calls VIbe a whiner while attacking him, after VIbe was the only useful hero in the last battle. VIbe was angry that they lost, in a way very similar to Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and even Batman, when similar losses occurred.

      And when Vibe and Steel died, not one of those so called great honorable heroes of the Satellite years who promised to train vulnerable young heroes, then abandoned them ever came back to show their respect, or feel the slightest bit of shame.

      Batman and Martian Manhunter were on both teams. The JLI had very similar character dynamics as the JLD. This time however, Batman and J'onn decided to nurture this team. They are redeeming themselves;

      Possible because they realized that bringing in young people with troubled lives, then ignoring and abandoning them was a bad idea.

      Conversely, Elongated Man refused to learn anything...because he is a superhero starf###er. shows up and tells Wally he was nowhere near as good as Barry, his dead uncle.
      And is never again in the league...the league finally fixing the problem. and holding themselves to a higher standard.
      The JLI..saving the reputation of the League. The only reason they get to take the moral high ground on anything.

      BY the way, speaking of Detroit. Wikipedia claims you worked on Xanadu with Michael Netzer. Who was in my Aunt's graduating class, though she did not know him.

      It is the same school my father, uncle, aunt, and grandmother attended, as well as George C. Scott, Gary Reed, and your personal hero, Michael Dunn aka dr. Loveless from Wild, Wild, West (the 60s TV show).

      Since I know you were curious as to how you could be connected to your hero that is how, you were connected to the show.

      your hero...


    5. Michael Dunn also gave a beautiful performance in the third season STAR TREK episode "Plato's Stepchildren." A really gifted actor.

    6. It is a very well crafted episode in general. Explores great sci-if themes. On its own it would be one of my top 5 episodes of all Star Trek franchises.
      Dunns performance pushes it to top 3…maybe even #1.
      One of the most human roles in the series.

      It is a masterwork of the era’s television.