Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've been blogging—however irregularly—over at for a few years now, but I've always felt that arena was for the "official" JMD. It was as if I was standing in the aisle of a book store, greeting potential readers: sharing my thoughts, certainly—but also trying to get them interested in my wares. I'm hoping that this blog will be more like a living room: a little more casual and personal. A place where I can talk about, well, anything that comes to mind, from the trivial to the profound. And I hope to do it at least once a week. (I'll wait a moment for the laughter to die down.)

So to those of you who have been following the Amazon blog—which will continue with once a month (or so) postings—welcome. And to anyone else who stumbles across this little corner of the net, come on in, pull up a chair and enjoy (I hope).


  1. I have been digging Savior 28. I was working at a comic shop recently and I always had it as my pick of the week when a new issue came out.

    Now I have to track down the rest of your catalogue- curses!

  2. Thanks, Nicholas. S-28 has evolved into one of my favorite projects ever.
    I'm sorry to see it end. This series could easily have been twelve issues.
    I'm hoping that, in some shape or form, Mike Cavallaro and I can revisit this world down the line. All the best -- JMD

  3. I hope you'll regale us with embarrassing stories of Cody-as-a-child, so I can tease him about them on Twitter. :)

    I worked with him at BOOM! Studios a couple years ago, as The Intern.

  4. Well, there was that time when he—

    No, no, no! I won't do it! I won't do it!

    Thanks for checking in, Intern. (Or do you prefer to be called 1031?).

  5. Honestly, it's probably time I changed that log-in name. Lately I've been going by "OyBoy." Which is not much better, when you think about it.

    So "Dave" works. Or "Dave the Intern," though "Dave the Grad Student" would probably be most accurate.

  6. Let's leave it at Dave. Although I have to say Oyboy is pretty good!

  7. Well, well, welcome, Mr. DeMatteis! Just arrived via your amazon blog, and I'm liking what I see. (Especially the obligatory update frequency promise :)

    In the attempt to respect the 'Living Room' wishes, I'll get my fanboy gush out of the way by not mentioning MOONSHADOW, THE LAST ONE, SEEKERS INTO THE MYSTERY, ABADAZAD, or THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SAVIOR 28 as works that have spoken directly to parts of my life I'm still discovering, except to thank you and suggest to those who haven't to get their hands on 'em and begin the journey.

    Looking forward to what you have to offer, both "out there", and "in here".

    Cheers for new begendings!
    -Tim James

  8. Every series you've mentioned, Tim, is one that is close to my heart, so I'm glad those are the ones that have touched you in some way. Thanks so much for reading, and appreciating, the work. It means the world to me.

    All the best -- JMD

  9. Hey JMD!

    Just discovered this blog so I told everyone at The Aquaman Shrine about it! Looking forward to checking in here regularly...

  10. Thanks for spreading the word, Rob...and very nice to hear from you! Hope things are very well with you. All the best -- JMD

  11. Just found your blog via "Comics Should Be Good", and will be reading through it for the evening, but wanted to say hello, thank you for blogging, and thank you for the years of well crafted meaningful stories that have expanded my philosophy.

    Geez, I've been reading your work from the Defenders...and it's a bit strange to see you write about YOU instead of a character.

  12. You are INCREDIBLY welcome, Cory. Heartfelt thanks for the kind words.

    The Defenders seems like it was lifetimes ago. I look back on those stories and all I can see is a young writer who hadn't come close to mastering his craft. And yet I really poured my heart and soul into that series. It allowed me to take the first hesitant steps toward finding my own voice. I've often likened that work to early punk rock: not a lot of skill, you're just screaming and thrashing away on three chords...but you're doing it with everything you've got, doing your best to tell the truth as you see it. And that's got to count for something.

  13. I really need to pick up your old Defenders stuff in an Essential volume or two, assuming it's collected that way. I also need to check out your Vertigo work, because until recently I'd really only read some of your more mainstream Marvel stuff and Abadazad. My list of old comics to read keeps getting bigger and bigger . . .

  14. My DEFENDERS material's not out in an Essentials volume yet, Drew. I'm not sure what era they're up to, but I'm assuming they'll eventually get to mine.