Friday, January 8, 2010


Here's a link to a Savior 28 interview Mike Cavallaro and I did with Comic Related's Russ Burlingame. You'll notice that my name isn't mentioned on the page or in the intro to the podcast—but I'm there nonetheless, blathering away.  Enjoy (I hope)!


  1. I finally got to read Savior 28. It took a while to get (The two stores I visited only had a very small & limited stock of IDW's graphic novels)but it was worth it.

    I'm always happy when I see a comic tackle a complicated issue without giving off any overly simple & easy answers. For far too long I've seen stories address serious issues by taking the author's personal views and placing them againist a easy to hate vapid strawman.

    But that's not what this comic did. The characters themselves are not holier then thou, but tragic flawed beings. Who in their own different way are struggling to deal with the issue of superhero related violence. It makes these characters feel much more realistic and easier to relate to.

    Now that I think about this is the first superhero comic that I've read in a while. I don't hate the genre but I don't like what's become of it lately. These days superhero comics are not much a escapist fantasy. They're much too dark, violent and filled to the brimmed with unlikeable characters doing terrible things to one another.

    But Savior 28 through all the personal struggles that the characters faced still managed to offer a little bit of hope. Hope for the people who inhabited the fictional world that you created and perhaps hope for the future of mankind as well.

  2. It's always nice when someone appreciates the work -- but when someone really gets it in the way it was intended, as you clearly do, it's even more gratifying. Thanks so much, Eve.