Monday, January 17, 2011


Given the madness and violence that erupted in Tucson a little over a week ago, how fitting—and how necessary—that today Americans take a collective breath and celebrate the life of a man who was dedicated to peace.  Martin Luther King didn’t just talk about pacifism, he lived the ideal in a profound, and practical, way—and gave his life for it. 

There’s no shortage of people who’ll tell you why war is terrible but necessary, why violence is tragic but often justified, why the dream of a peaceful world has to remain a dream.  For one day, at least, let’s not listen to them.  Let’s believe, with every fiber of our being, that war is never necessary, that violence is never justified, and that peace is a dream that can, that must, be manifested.

And let’s remember a dreamer who showed us the way.

© copyright 2011 J.M. DeMatteis


  1. Truly well said.

    Wishing you nothing but goodwill and hipness from here to the stars,

    P.S. I actually meant to post this yesterday but forgot to click "post".

  2. Right back at you, Jack. And you, too, Jeff.

  3. King was truly a great man.

    The news often show us what is wrong with the world, but they don't mention how much better the world is. There are fewer wars than ever before, there are fewer people without food than before (in terms of percentages), a lot more people are educated. The world slowly but steadily is going in the right direction. Peace will come some day.

  4. Well said, Yuliia -- and I'm in full agreement.

  5. I'm a lurker here and just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and what a measured, humane tone you have - a real rarity in most quarters of the internet. It's always a pleasure to read your stuff: thank you.