Monday, February 14, 2011


This coming Wednesday, at 7 pm, Cartoon Network will be running the first of my Sym-Bionic Titan episodes.  SBT, if you don’t know, is a new animated series, created by Genndy Tartakovsky (creator of the Emmy-winning Samurai Jack), that features an odd and wonderful mix of space opera, high school angst, monsters and giant robots—all delivered with the powerful visual punch that Tartakovsky is famous for. 

This week’s story—which focuses on the show’s resident robot, Octus—was written early in the show’s development, so I had very little sense of how these characters would sound or move or what the Sym-Bionic Titan universe would look like.  Now, having watched a number of episodes, I’m very excited to see “I Am Octus” come to life.  Tune in, if you’re so inclined, and feel free to post your thoughts here at Creation Point.


  1. I don't have CN, but maybe it'll be up on youtube. I'm behind on my BATMAN:BRAVE AND THE BOLD right now for that very reason. If nothing else, there's probably a DVD collection in the near future.

    I'm inclined to give anything you're involved in a shot, even if I don't always get to it right away! So tell 'em you made a DVD sale by virtue of your involvement.

    BTW, there's a thread about which writer has the best grasp of Spider-Man villains on CBR, and you're currently in the lead (by one).

  2. One DVD sold and one point ahead. It's a banner day here at Creation Point, David! :)

  3. And lets not forget that,Genndy Tartakovsky is also responsible for the all too easily forgotten Dexter's Lab. Now that you two have combined forces, I have to check it out.

    And by the by I added to that "mature comics" conversation under I believe the Jan 31st post. Feel free to respond here or there where ever you feel comfortable.

    Wishing you nothing, but goodwill and hipness from here to the stars,

  4. I had no idea either you, or Genndy Tartakovsky had anything to do with Sym-Bionic Titan.

    Now I HAVE to watch.

  5. I've already posted several answers to your "mature comics" comments, Jack. Hop over to Jan. 31st and check 'em out.

    Hope you enjoy TITAN.

  6. Then watch it, Kyle! Watch it! And then check back in here to talk about it, if you're so inclined.

  7. Hey, JMD, what's this:

    Written by J.M. DEMATTEIS
    Cover by RON LIM
    Cloned years ago by professor Miles Warren, Peter Parker long thought his doppelganger dead. But as the nineties proved, he thought wrong! In this Clone Saga sampler, discover what happened during those missing years to Peter’s double, who took the name Ben Reilly! Then, swing into action with these two brothers-in-arms as they get their team-up on to battle the evils of the Jackal (Warren himself!), the Scrier and Judas Traveler. But can even Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider save Aunt May, who lies at death’s door?
    96 PGS./New & Reprint Material/Rated A …$3.99

  8. Beats me! Sounds like some stuff from the Clone Saga...which is already being reprinted in other volumes.

    Pardon me while I scratch my head...

  9. I thought so, but here's the only thing that threw me: it says it includes new material, too, and you're the only listed author. I wondered if perhaps you had done a Ben Reilly backup or something.

    Marvel has already published five volumes of the Clone Saga, and this year sees the publication of "The Complete Epic Ben Reilly Saga" and Gerry Conway's original Clone Saga.

    I know Marvel's leadership says they're not interested in bringing Ben Reilly back, but man, they sure are investing A LOT in a character whose story is supposedly 'done.' Writing's on the wall, whether they know it yet or not. :)

  10. Maybe the "new" material is the stuff I did for WEB OF SPIDER-MAN? I guess we'll find out when it comes out.

    When Ben comes back, David, I'll be right there with him!

  11. ..or your clone will.

  12. But, wait, Jeff, maybe's HE"S not the clone...maybe I AM! GAHHHHHH!!!!

  13. I'll tell you my Stan story if you tell us yours.. mine's pretty cool.

    Also: I'm guessing you bought the Beatles' Revolver album when it came out. Did you notice similarities between Taxman and the Batman theme right away?

  14. Now there's a book with a limited commercial appeal, David! :)

  15. For some reason, Jeff, REVOLVER was the one Beatles album I missed when it came out. I went right from RUBBER SOUL to SGT. PEPPER. I was certainly aware of -- and probably owned -- the "Eleanor Rigby/Yellow Submarine" single, but, for some reason, REVOLVER slipped right past me. I didn't really "discover" it till the early 70's...and, looking back, I'm at a total loss to explain why.

  16. Also, Jeff: I'd love to hear your Stan story!

  17. Stan story: The Man appeared at Temple University along with Jenette Kahn in late '78. He was in top form, gregarious and approachable. I mentioned how in the first printing of Origins of Marvel Comics, the 2nd Spider-Man story in the book was not the one referred to in Stan's text. Stan lamented the book's errors and then I muttered something about not knowing whether pointing that out was No-Prize worthy. Stan then proceeded to LAY HANDS on me like a preacher and pronounced me duly No-Prized. Pretty incredible. Make Mine Marvel!

  18. Great story, Jeff! Thanks for sharing it.

    I'll try to get my Stan stories up some time in the next few weeks.