Thursday, August 18, 2011


If you missed my ThunderCats episode last Friday, I've embedded it, in two parts, below.  But watch it sooner than later.  I have no idea how long these links will remain active.


  1. Beautiful episode JM! I enjoyed it very much!

  2. Thanks! The response to the story has been great.
    I've got two more T-Cats episodes coming up and I'll post about them as soon as they're scheduled.

  3. I didn't even realize the new show had started! It's not airing in Canada yet, as far as I know. Definitely will check this out when I get home!

  4. This was one of the BEST episodes from an animated series I ever seen.

    When I saw that was writing by one of my favourites JLA comics writers, I was absolutly surprised.

    (Although I kept wondering if Lion-O kill the lizard. That made me feel strange, even being logical if he has a sword).

    Congratulations. Brilliant.
    A little gem of animation.

    "My old nemesis! We meet again!"


    (Sorry for my bad English)

  5. Hello Sir,
    Is there an email address which I can use to send you a private message ?

  6. That was a BEAUTIFUL episode, very touching and well played out! I'm LOVING this new incarnation of the Thundercats, Mr. DeMatteis, and was really excited when I learned you were involved.


  7. Beautiful. The moment the Petalars joined the fight, despite what appeared to be overwhelming odds, my body became one giant tingle... A tingle that signifies moments of hope and grace, strength and bravery.

    Again, beautiful episode. Very much looking forward to your next.

  8. Hi, Frederic. Can you give me an idea what you want to talk to me about? Write to the blog as you just did, but I won't post it, so the communication will be private. (If you're on Twitter, you can always DM me.) Best -- JMD

  9. Very glad you enjoyed it, James. The episode has been getting a tremendous response.

    I've said it before (but it bears repeating): writing for TV is a group effort and, as much as I'd like to hog all the credit, the producers, story editors, directors and animators on T-Cats all contributed mightily to the final product. I was one happy cog in a wheel!

  10. Thanks, Kyle! Re: the two upcoming is a big action piece, featuring the RoBears from the old series, and the other explores the back story of Kit and Kat.

  11. The Petalars have become legendary! Emrick, despite being in 1 ep and having a brief life, made an impact on many ThunderCats fans. Kudos to you, sir! Great storytelling along with Todd Casey and the rest. Will be waiting for the two episodes you've written to hit the screen. :D

  12. Thanks so much, Ladyraggedycat. Hope you enjoy my next two episodes as much.

  13. Finally got to watch this episode yesterday JM (I hate watching tv shows out of order so I had to watch the first three episodes first), and I really enjoyed it!

    Something that I liked about 80's cartoons such as the Thundercats was that kids could learn life lessons watching them. I really feel that this new Thundercats series embodies that same principle, but doesn't beat you over the head with it like was done with the 80's. This episode in particular felt like a great homage to the original series, with the Thundercats encountering new friends in their adventures.

    I really liked how you handled the Petalars perception of time, particularly Emrick's line about "The Thundercats have been our friends for ages".

    I'm liking this reimagining of the Thundercats, particularly the use of technology as the "great unknown" as opposed to science. It's a fun flip and still blends the science and sorcery themes of 80's cartoons like Thundercats and He-Man.

    Well done sir, and I'm very glad to hear we're going to see the RoBears! I was just thinking about them during the Petalars episode, so to see in your comments they do show up is very exciting!

  14. Thanks for the kind words, Jay. Very much appreciated. As I've said before, I think the team in charge of this new incarnation of ThunderCats really has a great handle on the characters and mythology. Based on the upcoming scripts I've seen, they've respected what's come before and built up and out from there.

    Not being all-that familiar with the earlier T-Cats I had to do some RoBear research before writing that episode, but I'm pleased with the way the script came out. Lots of action in this one. I'll let everyone know when it's coming up.
    (Although I'm sometimes one of the last to find out!)

  15. Hi. You don't know me, but I just had to message you. I sent this message to Brandon Easton, too.

    After watching "Song of the Petalars," I had to find out who wrote it (via IMDB). Just wanted to say your work moved me to tears. You, sir, are really talented.

    The last time an animated film effected me that much was during the first 10 minutes of "Up."

    Thank you for creating something so astoundingly good.

    Sorry to bother.
    Just wanted to share.

    Also, the show is fantastic. Better by far than the original. I have been telling many of my friends, and I think I've converted quite a few of them who had never even heard of the original series.

    I wrote a note about it the other day on my facebook, if you're interested:

    Also, I apologize for attacking the Berbils (Robears) but I'm sure ifyou're handling the creative work behind them, it will be fantastic.

    Best wishes,

  16. Thanks so much for the kind words, J.D. Since I consider the first ten minutes of UP to be some of the finest animated storytelling ever, that's high praise indeed.

    "Song of the Petalars" has gotten an amazing response, but I can't take all the credit. As I've said before, when it comes to TV, there may be one name in the writing credits, but it's the reflection of an entire group of creative people working very hard. I was happy t be a part of that group.

    All the best -- JMD

  17. Dear Mr. DeMatteis,

    I had already watched the first 3 Thundercats episodes (which hadn't impressed me at all). I just kept watching the series out of curiosity... That's when "Song of the Petalars" struck me with an unexpected thud in the chest. What a touching story!

    Funny thing is that I'm used to having these silly thoughts since childhood, wondering how the lifespan of an insect could mean mere 3 weeks of my time. Or how 90 years, an entire human lifetime, means nothing to the known Universe itself. But I had never pictured this scenario within a fantasy tale, with little creatures that could reason and talk! AWESOME.

    All the dialogs, the chanting, the design, everything made this episode a delicate, heart-touching CLASSIC (already). It deserves all of the animation and TV awards out there. It's so hard to see original ideas in mass media these days...

    Thank you so much for the tale, Mr. DeMatteis. I'll take it as a fond reference (and a lesson) for the rest of my brief existence. Let's keep giving our best while we are here, no matter how much time we still have!

    Ricardo Morgado.
    Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.

    PS: I'm not used to blog posting or contacting authors (first time, actually). Anyway, I know a bit of your work because of Blood and Moonshadow, back in the eighties. Good to know that you also kick S as a screenwriter. Good job, man.

  18. Deep thanks, Ricardo: the response to "Song of the Petalars" has been amazing...and very touching. It seems to have hit people in their hearts, which is incredibly gratifying.

    I've said this before and I'll say it again, when it comes to TV, the name in the credits is only part of the story. The producers, story editors, directors, animators all contributed mightily to the episode and all praise should be shared. I'm very happy to be a part of the ThunderCats team (I'm just starting work on my fourth episode).

    All the very best -- JMD

  19. "In the end, what matters isn’t how long we’ve lived, but how fully we’ve lived; The good we’ve done, the friends we’ve made, the love we’ve shared along the way." In these stirring sentiments, the wilting Emrick, an ephemeral Petlar, living out his life in the span of a day, a proverbial blink of an eye, consoles the astonished and grieving Lion-O. Alas how many viewers fail to grasp the irony of 'Song of the Petalars': For the brash and impressionable young Lord of the Thundercats, so inspired, leads his comrades into a brave, futile and doomed charge against an overwhelming enemy force. They live and learn, only thanks to the older and wiser Panthro to the rescue in the very knick if time.

  20. Deep thanks for sharing your thoughts, Aaron. "Song of the Petalars" continues to evoke a deep, impassioned response in viewers. As noted, I can't take all the credit: writing for television is a collaborative process and I was very happy to be part of the amazing ThunderCats team.

    I've got another episode coming up this morning on CN. Hope you enjoy it!

  21. Just saw this episode. Thank you so much for your contribution in such an inspirational episode. I have loved your Marvel and DC comic book projects (like, all of and have to say I was so pleasantly surprised that I saw your name on Thundercats at the beginning of Song of the Pentalars. So I did a search online for you, and here we are.

    The lesson and moral of the episode hit me hard and I hope it has helped others appreciate the miracle of life. You are a true professional; I love your philosophies about life, and how you can express them in creative and commercial forms.

    1. You're very welcome, Damian. That episode has garnered much praise since it aired -- and I have to give the lion's share of the credit to the producers, who came up with the wonderful Petalars concept, and the directors who executed it so expertly. It was a pleasure to help give that concept life.

      I've done quite a bit of animation work in the past decade and "Petalars" certainly stands out as a special one.

      Thanks for checking in at Creation Point. Don't be a stranger!

      All the best -- JMD