Saturday, November 12, 2011


Thought I'd share a few reflections on the first Imagination 101 workshop, generously provided by some of the students in the class.  And perhaps these comments will inspire you to sign up for the next workshop in the spring.  (Look for an announcement early in 2012.)

“What an amazing experience!  I know that there are hundreds who can benefit from your guidance in honoring our creative selves and I really hope they give themselves this chance to challenge themselves and to go beyond whatever held them back in the past.  This workshop deserves to be a top priority for any potential writer.  I can't thank you enough!“—Jeff Z

“Mr. DeMatteis taught us a great deal about how to write outlines, scripts (in different styles) and even how to collaborate with other creative minds. The weekend was also packed with precious inside knowledge and the no-pressure and always-positive environment he created has literally jump-started the hesitant writer inside of me.  Thanks, J.M., for encouraging me to write from within—and without fear.”—Rodrigo B  

“It was a great weekend! Can't recommend this class enough. Full of insights and inspiration. I've been writing like a maniac ever since.  Looking forward to Imagination 201, 301, and then sipping scotch on the veranda with the lads from the class as we celebrate our first published works."—Eruch A.

"J.M led the workshop with a patient enthusiasm... He made it so intriguing to learn just how his characters came to him, how to tell their stories and how we could tell our own characters' stories.  This was an imaginative, deep exploration into the creative process of character storytelling and creation that was both practical and inspiring. The group dynamic of creating our own storyline right alongside J.M himself was a thrill I will never forget. It was so much fun and went by so fast.  Thank you!"—Joshua K

"Imagine if you will, a place where you can become anything. That's just what J.M. DeMatteis and his Imagination 101 workshop empowers you to do.  It's intense. It's laid back.  It's a weekend in an unassuming conference room, but you'll soon find out how to leave the conference room and create your own universe with the power of imagination and will. Also, cheese. Lots of cheese."—Adam M

This ends the workshop hype—at least until January, 2012!


  1. 11-12-11

    Wanted to write and thank you for showing up at MoCCa's panel earlier this year. I would love to take your workshop, unfortunately it's logistically undoable. Is there any way to coax you to do a workshop at MoCCa?

    Fred Yee

  2. First of all, thank you, Fred: I had a great time at MoCCa. So much so that it was a major part of the inspiration for IMAGINATION 101.

    As for doing the workshop at MoCCA...I've considered that along with other venues in NYC. With luck, I'll be able to put it together in 2012.

    Thanks for checkign in, Fred!

  3. I'm on the West Coast, but reading those testimonials makes me wish I was on the opposite side!

    Really, JM, with the wide experience you've accumulated over the years, but even more so for the type of positive, creative person you are, I can only imagine how useful your class would be.

    Let me go out on a limb here and ask this question: When are you writing IMAGINATION 101: The Book?

  4. According to some guy named James Harvey, he says that a Batman: The Brave and the Bold fan-Q&A with James Tucker is currently in the works.

  5. Y'know, Javier, someone asked me that just the other day...and it's something I might seriously consider once I've got some more IMAGINATION 101 classes under my belt.

    I'm also pondering bringing the class to the West Coast. Nothing definitive at the moment...but the idea is rolling around the ethers.

  6. Thanks for the info, Nelson! When you know more, could you please post it here?

  7. Sounds really cool, the kind of thing I would have loved to attend even tho I'm no writer. Kudos to you for being so giving of your time and talent, JMD, not that many people are.

  8. They were such a great group, Rob, that it was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end.

  9. Two things:

    1. Very rarely do I wish I lived anywhere close to NY, but this is indeed one of those occassions. Maybe I'll be seeing you next time around! :)

    2. Given your love of the classic "Robin Dies at Dawn!" cover you should check out BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD 13. It's called "Batman Dies at Dawn!" and it's about the Phantom Stranger pulling various Robins from all over the timeline to save him. Great stuff. Last month's issue had Batman and Zatanna investigating a break-in at The House of Mystery. Sholly Fisch (I think that's right) is doing some fun off the wall stuff with the book right now.


  10. Sounds like a story I'd love, David...especially given my fondness for "Robin Dies at Dawn!"

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll see you at one of the upcoming IMAGINATION workshops!

  11. I've heard the Doom Patrol will get their own DC Nation shorts.

    They should consider casting Patrick Warburton if the Doom Patrol have their own animated series.

  12. Shorts, Nelson? How about a DOOM PATROL series. They're such interesting, offbeat characters. I had a blast writing their B & B episode.

  13. Com on Dematteis, if interesting and offbeat were all that mattered to focusing attention then "brother Power: the Geek" would be coming out with it's commemorative issue celebrating it's 13th year as a weekly, and with a special back-up feature about how the 5th sequel in it's movie franchise is the best yet and expected to again sweep the Oscars. Seriously does any charter deserve the Giffen-Dematteis treatment more than our dear hippie Frankenstein?

    Wishing you nothing, but goodwill and hipness from here to the stars,

  14. An interesting idea, Jack (to say the least!)...but right now we're waiting to see if DC is interested in working with the team at all. THEN we can decide what the project will be.

    Hope all's well with you! JMD

  15. I am trying to contact you by e-mail.
    Could you forward me a contact address or drop me a line directly?

  16. There's very few animated projects that wouldn't benefit from Patrick Warburton's voice work.

    (Though I'll admit I don't see how you fit his particular style into a KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT animated adaptation.)


  17. Richard, feel free to contact me via

  18. Isn't it obvious, David? He could be the voice of Mary Jane! :)

  19. And speaking of Patrick Warburton:

  20. LOL! And I thought KLH couldn't get any better!

    It occurs to me that the thought of reading Kraven's lines in his voice works, too, in a weird way...who never imagined the Tick yelling, "I AM THE SPIDER!"


  21. I live in Playa Del Carmen Mexico so won't be making it to any workshop and hate to ask something off topic but I was unsure where to post.
    I was looking for Brooklyn Dreams in an Eformat and sadly cannot find one. Is it going to be made available at any point or could someone please direct me to where I should post this query please ?
    Thanks :)

  22. All questions welcome here at Creation Point!

    There's a new edition of BROOKLYN DREAMS coming from IDW next month and they'll also be making the book available in an E-format. Not sure if it will be simultaneous with the print release or a few months behind...but it's on it way!

    All the best -- JMD

  23. Top 10 JMD Stories as Voted on at CBSBG:

    9. JLA 38-40 (Despero vs. JLA)
    8. ASM 400 ("The Gift" or Death of Aunt May)
    7. Defenders 92-100 "The Six-Fingered Hand Saga"
    5. JL 1-6, JLI 7
    4. CAPTAIN AMERICA 293-300 (Death of the Red Skull)
    3. The Harry Osborn Saga

    Interesting list. It's tough for me to pit MOONSHADOW and BROOKLYN DREAMS against mainstream superhero work. I go to them for such different things. Between the two, I prefer BD.

    SAVIOR 28 definitely deserves the spot CAP 298-300 got. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised by how much of your earlier work made the list here! Not bad by any means, but the difference between even 1984 and 1986 is pretty significant in terms of quality.

    It's criminal that LOST YEARS didn't make the cut. I go back and forth between it, KLH and the Harry Osborn Saga as to which is your best Spider-Man work.

    The Harry Osborn Saga is different than KLH because it's not told in a one story beginning to end format. Honestly, I'd have your entire SSM run on the list, because Harry's story gains a lot by being put on the back burner for a while and gaining momentum again. It takes full advantage of the monthly format, throwing everything and the kitchen sink at Spider-Man, and I love it for that.

    LOST YEARS is a brilliant character study. And I just throw in THE PARKER YEARS and REDEMPTION and call it your Ben Reilly trilogy because I view it as such. I'm sometimes inclinced to think it's every bit as good as KLH and your SSM work. Depends on what day of the week it is.

    I never read your DEFENDERS work, but of all the stories listed, that one has the coolest cover. Just a bunch of heavyweights fighting the pits of Hell. Too cool!

    My thoughts are a lot like the Avengers...some assembly required. I'll get to work on that.


  24. I was very surprised by DEFENDERS and CAP showing up there, David. I absolutely would have put SAVIOR 28 on the list. Along with ABADAZAD and HERO SQUARED. But, hey, what do I know?

    THE PARKER YEARS? I don't know what that is!

  25. THE PARKER YEARS is the backup features that kicked off in ASM 400. It was later collected as THE LOST YEARS #0, if memory serves, and it's in the LOST YEARS TPB and the COMPLETE EPIC CLONE SAGA VOLUME 1.

    ABADAZAD and HERO SQUARED! I totally forgot! It's not the worst thing in the world when you've got so much good work out there that I can't remember it all at once. :)

    And if we thre in your animated work--well, I wouldn't even know where to begin with a Top 10 list!

  26. Ah...the short Ben Reilly stories. Now I get it. Yes, I'm very fond of those stories...and, as you know, of Ben.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  27. James Tucker has recently said that he wants to do a proper 75 minute DTV Batman: The Brave and the Bold movie.

  28. Sounds like a great idea to me, Nelson.

    Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving!