Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Watch...and spread the word.

And, on the same tragic topic, this report about gun control legislation in Australia, by John Oliver of Comedy Central's Daily Show, illuminates what a government can do when it has the will and the courage. We laugh through our tears. 


  1. I loved that special report. I get my American news from Comedy Central, so I believe what Colbert tells me to to believe. (After all my gut tells me that he speaks truthiness). Funny how two countries can have a failing system for completely different reasons. From what I understand, in the US money for campaigns comes from private investmens and then there's lobbying, so a big deal of politicians become servants of corporations, hence the problems like gun control. Here it's the opposite, campaigns come from taxes and yet we have the "big government" nightmare, and its marriage with the popular media (literally, as our Presidente's wife is a telenovela actress); meanwhile we have a big lower class problem. It really makes me wonder how come countries like Australia, Canada or Sweden manage to avoid both scenarios. Effective public servants and responsible corporations. What's the formula, you know?

    1. Colbert does indeed speak "truthiness," Rafa, as does Jon Stewart. It's a sad state of affairs when the best news in the U.S. comes from a couple of comedians. But it's a sadder state of affairs when cowardly politicians put their own self-interest about the lives of their constituents. I can only hope that, come the next election cycle, many of the men and women who voted against this gun control legislation find themselves voted out of office.