Sunday, January 31, 2016


My spiritual master, Avatar Meher Baba, dropped His body on January 31, 1969. Every year on this date, thousands gather at Baba's Tomb-Shrine (also known as the Samadhi) on Meherabad Hill in India for a celebration—not just to remember Baba, but to experience His presence and His love.  The Amartithi (meaning "eternal date") festivities climax with fifteen minutes of silence outside the Samadhi, beginning at 12:15 in the afternoon, the exact time Avatar Meher Baba shed his physical form.  

The one time I attended Amartithi, in January of 1990, I was lucky enough to spend those fifteen minutes just outside the Tomb, sitting on the ground with my head pressed against the cool stone.  The power of that silence, of Meher Baba within that silence, was so profound, so sacred and magical, that words could never capture it. It bypassed the mind and ran straight to the deeps of the soul.

It runs there still.


  1. That's a beautiful testimony to the power of a great teacher, who clearly taught as much by how he was upon the earth as much as what he said while he was here. This is a joyful moment on which to start a Monday. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I have been once. It was a beautiful programme. People were so happy. Does Baba come when there is 15 minutes silence? Jai Baba