Friday, October 7, 2016


A bit of a melange today, some odds and ends I want to bring to your attention. First, this past Wednesday saw the release of a brand-new edition of one of my favorite projects, The Last One.  Originally done for Vertigo, back in the 90's, this new hardcover comes from the fine folks at IDW.  The story deals with Myrwann, an immortal being living in New York's East Village, where he (or is it she?) has taken a group of lost souls under her (or is it his?) wing.  The art is by the amazing Dan Sweetman (best known to comics fans for his work on Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children) and I'm delighted that this is finally back in print.

Next, a gentle reminder that the second issue of The Adventures of Augusta Wind: The Last Story is on sale now.  I loved working on the first Augusta series with my wildly-talented collaborator, Vassilis Gogtzilas, but this second series, which wraps up Augusta's epic story, has been one of the most exhilarating creative experiences I've had in years.  It's hard for originals like this to make their way across an ocean filled with Marvel and DC relaunches and licensed books based on hit movies and TV shows, so I'd love it if folks could spread the word about this series.  If you enjoyed Moonshadow or Abadazad (to name two), I think you'll enjoy this.

My final convention appearance of the year is coming up in November, in Bangalore, India.  It's been eleven years since my last trip to that magical country and this one promises to be very special, on so many levels.  Really looking forward to it.

And, finally, let me point you toward the Hollywood Reporter, where they list their choices for "The 100 Greatest Superhero Comics."  Both Justice League International and Kraven's Last Hunt made the list and, however arbitrary these things can seem, it always feels good to be remembered and appreciated.  One of the things I liked about this particular list is that it includes some unexpected, and worthy, choices. Check it out.

This concludes today's gallimaufry.  To paraphrase The Outer Limits, we now return control of your computers to you. 


  1. Great list from THR. Usually I see these lists and instantly disagree, but I have to say that although I may disagree with the order they do at least acknowledge the runs/events of what I consider to be the greatest. Both JLI and Kraven's Last Hunt deserve to be on there for sure. I don't think you can argue with Lee/Kirby FF at #1. Think of all the things they introduced to the Marvel Universe during that run besides the core members/villains (Inhumans, Black Panther, Silver Surfer/Galactus). It boggles the mind.

    I'm wondering is there a work of yours and also a work in general that you believe was missing from the list that you would've included?

    1. In terms of my superhero work? Sure. My two year run, with the great Sal Buscema, on SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SAVIOR 28, the LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT arc, "Going Sane." There are others, as well.

      And, yes, I totally agree with the Lee-Kirby FF at number one. They built not just the foundation of Marvel, but the foundation of modern comics. An extraordinary achievement.