Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Here's part two of my interview with The Retro Project.  (You can find part one here.)  Enjoy!


  1. So I can tell the interview is a few months old based on the "new" projects you were plugging that are already out. One creator-owned project that you were excited about that you couldn't mention I'm guessing is "Girl in the Bay". You also said there was a DC Movie you were working on that you couldn't mention. Can you mention it yet? If so, will you tell us what it is?

    1. You're right, George. That project was indeed THE GIRL IN THE BAY. As for the animated movie I was working on...no, I can't talk about it, even though that one has been wrapped and I've moved on to another DC movie. As soon as I CAN talk about it, you'll find the info here.

      And thanks for listening!