Wednesday, April 3, 2019


I had another fascinating conversation with Eric Anthony of the Cave of Solitude podcast.  We talk about The Girl in the Bay, Impossible Incorporated, the nature of reality and other fun things.  You can listen to it below.  Enjoy!


  1. Do you think that when Stan (Lee) co-created Iron MAn, and gave the problems with his heart, it was an intentional reference to the Tin Woodsman from Oz?


    1. That's brilliant! Now I wonder, too... I'll bet that, even if it wasn't done consciously, somewhere in Stan's brain the image of the Tin Woodsman was dancing around.

  2. Last issue of Scooby Apocalypse came out.

    Pretty good ending, Velma talking with affection for the world, and her new family, when the series started with her holding that kind of person in contempt.

    It was also the last ongoing DC book I was buying... interesting fact.


    1. Well, it's the last ongoing DC book I was writing, so we're even!

      But, seriously: glad you liked it. Hard to wrap it in 17 pages, but I tried my best!

    2. But only one of us gets paid TO go back.

      I won't lie, a few more pages wouldn't have ruined it, but but was enjoyable, and a fitting end.

      Farewell, DC!

      P.S., Girl in the Bay #3 was pretty good as well, the murderer (Attempted murderer? Failed murderer)... in an interesting character in his own right.

      I do wonder two things:

      #1 is Moonshadow's new release as a Berger Book, or just Dark Horse

      #2 Are all the leads of Berger Books (not from preexisting properties) female leads be design, or coincidence.

      I don't really care either way, I have njoyed what I have read, I just wonder if I am detecting an actual pattern or going nuts, daddy-o.


    3. 1) Just Dark Horse

      2) There may be a pattern, and it may be intentional on Karen's part, but I couldn't say. I've had a female protagonist in mind for GIRL IN THE BAY from the first time the idea dropped into my head, long before there was a Berger Books.

    4. So... we don't know if I am cray yet.

      By the way, I got my KLH trade back. This may have been her first Marvel comic. She was hazy about it. Like I said, she loves the bat (Pete never does get the
      respect he deserves).

      specifically, she said it was weird.. and I blivet the word was disturbing... but, she "loves that." So... there is something for the back of the trade.

      Almost as good as my JLI blurb I gave to you "I like it so much that I purposely don't own every copy, so when I am having a bad day I can buy a new issue." (That is admittedly becoming less and less possible)

      She also thought MJ was going to die. Apparently, her knowledge of Marvel was so over shadowed by long, leather wings, she didn't even know Pete and MJ were married for two decade after.

      So it was a weird way to get to it, but your most well known story got another fan. Congrats.

      Sh also apparently, "blew out her eyes" reading it. Don't really know what that mans, but since she enjoyed it its good...?

      Next up,"The Child Within." I really want to know what the verdict is on that one. Also, Starlin's Warlock and X-men:God Loves Man Kills (I don't care what you say, that story is amazing... all three of them, but good God did Claremont take some risks and roll some dice for a maybe the best X-men story ever).

      Seriously... "Child Within" is pretty dark.


      P.S. Favorite three Will Eisner GNs, that doesn't have 'God' in the title... GO!

    5. Glad she enjoyed it!

      Back in the day, Starlin's WARLOCK was the comic book I'd give to people who didn't "get" comic books. It's a great gateway drug.

      Favorite Eisners other than CONTRACT? TO THE HEART OF THE STORM...THE BUILDING...THE DREAMER...DROPSIE AVENUE spring to mind.