Tuesday, July 28, 2020


The idea that talent is a rare thing is, I think, wildly overstated. There are lots of of extremely talented people in the world, but one of the qualities that makes all the difference on the road to success in the arts (in any field, really) is sheer force of personal will.

The man or woman with natural talent but no drive, no strength of purpose, may never reach the goal; may, in fact, get discouraged by rejection (which is part and parcel of the creative life), and surrender. Another person, not as gifted, but alight with passion and tenacity, will work harder and harder, mastering his or her craft and, regardless of the rejection faced along the way, ultimately achieve success.

The key (in my experience; yours may be different) is a fierce will. You have to be like Green Lantern, utilizing that fierce will to focus your dreams through the prism of your personal power ring.

Imagination + will = manifestation.

©copyright 2020 J.M. DeMatteis/Green Lantern ©copyright 2020 DC Entertainment

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