Thursday, September 17, 2020


Here's a shameless plug for the upcoming Batman: Death in the Family Blu-ray, which includes two shorts I wrote ("Death," bringing Neil Gaiman's Sandman character to animated life, and "Adam Strange"—from a story by director Butch Lukic).  Along with the title short adapting the classic Batman tale and a Phantom Stranger adventure, the disc also include a Sgt. Rock short (written by Tim Sheridan and Walt and Louise Simonson) that features the Creature Commandos—one of the very first series I ever created, wayyyy back in my early days at DC.

Batman: Death in the Family will be out in October.  End of shameless plug!


  1. Hi J.M., I know this is kind of late to the party, but what did you think of the DC's decision to kill off Jason Todd? Do you think it was a good or bad idea? Do you remember your reaction to the news in 1988? Were there any plans to acknowledge Robin's death in Justice League International? And would you have liked to have written any stories about Jason (could be as Robin or Red Hood)?

    1. Honestly, I wasn't reading Batman during the Jason Todd era and so know next to nothing about the character.
      Just one of those characters that I missed along the way!