Saturday, July 10, 2021


 Wishing a happy Silence Day to my Meher Baba Family around the world.

"God is not to be learned or studied or discussed or argued about. He is to be contemplated, felt, loved and lived."

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  1. So Dematteis, it has been about a year since you admitted all Italians are addicted to oxygen. What has it been like living without the burden of holding a secret inside? Freeing or fearful?

    More importantly, you are a big fan of 70s comics... or claim to be (cue 1930s radio mystery stinger score)../ have you ever thought of doing something with that?

    There have been a lot of stories that use Marvel or DC characters to explore the world. Marvels did it with Marvel's Silver Age, New Frontier with DC's pre-Justice League Silver Age, Golden Age looked at the... Well golden age... heroes int eh aftermath of WWII.

    There has not really been one for the 70s, even Marvels Eye of the Camera, only spent two of the six issues in the decade.

    I feel like the time has come for something exploring that decade, it know it would be more complicated because it was the era of social-relevancy, but it was still bound by coninuity and sales. Just a thought.

    More, MORE to the point, do you think Blue Beetle and Booster Gold would claim this song was inspired by them?....

    After the attempt to start a resort with Justice League funds, I feel like they would for the residuals.


    1. That's a very cool idea, Jack. Maybe one day...!

      Listened to the song and I was astonished when the entire chorus came in and sang "Bwah-ha-ha"! I got chills!

    2. Yes Dematteis, coming to terms with your oxygen addiction IS a cool idea.

      Unfortunately, you seemed to have skimmed over my 70s idea.

      I will say, you may be the only one who could write the story. Marvel is the more logical one to do than DC, which would mean it would take place in New York, especially god given the iconic status that decade had in the the city of Ne York. Something you may not know, you lived there in the 70s.

      Also given the staff and their vibe in the decade, you would need a Baby Boomer's perspective, especially if they are hippies.

      Spider-Man would need to be a main part of it, and you have a history with the character.

      You also read the books as an adult (albeit a young one), but did not work for the company, which means you would be free of biases. Also, allowing you to respect ideas in those works, but but not chained to the exact idea.

      Also, I know that the Bwah-Ha-Ha line was a joke, BUT when I listened to the song after reading it, I noticed the guitar at 0:47 DOES sound a little like a Bwa-Ha. I hate to do this to the Lovell sisters, but Ted and Boost might have a case.

      The real question is, dis Harry hear this as he waited for the effects of the Goblin serum:


    3. Believe it or not, I'm not really in a position to get an idea like this off the ground at Marvel. It's great to fantasize, but it's, at best, a very long shot.

      I don't think Harry needed a song to push him over the edge. But it's a good one nonetheless!

    4. Well, through the idea into the list of great ideas that never were or will be, blame the kids and their Rock and/or Roll music, and dream of what could have been.

      More over, I think Marvel is more interested in syncing up the comics with their movies and comics than exploring sociopolitical realities of previous decades through their characters. I mean for God's sake Dematteis, What would movie goers say if they saw Gamora with Adam Strange, or Mar-Vell as a man? Spider-Man being down and out? ridiculous!

      More time to work on your world domination plans through frogs I suppose.


    5. Well, you leave the slues everywhere, with your coed words and phrases, like "is." We all know what you really mean when you use that word.

      As for Harry, I am not sure he needed the Goblin formula even to be for the, especially given the long term effects narcotics can have on the brain.

      But, my question was less if the song pushed him as if he heard it in his mind as it snapped.

      Glad you enjoyed the song. I think we can agree this one sums up Harry's "pal" Pete...


    6. Another good one. I'll have to check out more of their work!

    7. Well, I am glad you enjoy them. Hopefully you will continue to if you dig further.

      of it helps you, and continuing the theme, here is a Spectre song

      and an...I don't know, Elektra saga song...

      It is now in your hands Dematteis, enjoy...or know fear.

      Also, when will you and Giffen write the alternate reality FINAL JLI story? You know what I mean, the one where the characters are all in a retirement home causing mischief, playing jokes, Ted pulling a Don Quixote, Gut compiling his kids never visit and Fire calling him put because he has no kids, you know what I mean, and I know it has crossed your Head-minds.

      You know... the series action fans demand.


    8. We actually pitched a story (kind of) like that a few years back and DC just shrugged. Would've been a good one, too!

    9. Well, there is always the chance you could legally submit it again.

      With all the nostalgia running rampant, I would not be surprised if after the outside comics properties are used up, they return to classic runs.

      Hell, with all their love of continuity changes over the past few decades, they might encourage a writing of endings for continuity specific, beloved runs.