Saturday, August 21, 2021


No, not the Terry Gilliam movie.

I had a wonderful chat with the Brazilian podcast Arte-Final yesterday—and we did a deep dive into one of my all-time favorite projects, the Spider-Man saga called "The Child Within."  We also talked about JLI, my animation work, and other things.  

The discussion is in both Portuguese and English.  Enjoy!


  1. Oh yes! As I told you a previous time The Child Within is a story that actually changed my life, Mr. DeMatteis. I hope Marvel bring a paperback someday 'cause my original copies of those Spec's issues will become a ruin soon for so many times I already read that story arc!

    1. Thanks, Oscar! Yes, I hope a compete collection arrives in Brazil...and here in the States. I just heard that they're collecting the entire run in there's hope!

      Take good care!

  2. Dematteis, do yourself a favor.

    While you have Brazil on the brain , look into the present and past of South America.

    A friend of mine is Aruban by birth, and now lives in Colombia. We recently had a conversation about the history and present on the continent, and it is fascinating.

    Many things are actually very similar to the US, Canada, and Mexico, like how much of a hub for immigration it was. But also very different.

    The good news is, according to her, Brazil is included in the hub of migration between countries on the continent, and Mexico, so if "Child Within" is big in Brazil it might be elsewhere too.


    1. It seems "Child Within" is big everywhere...except here!
      I just heard from a fan in Poland that they're collecting my entire Spec. Spidey run in one big ombnibus. It comes out in September.

      I'd love to know what's taking Marvel so long!

      The Brazilian fans are always so warm and welcoming. Perhaps I'll finally make it down there in the post-pandemic world.