Thursday, October 14, 2021


Another fun conversation, this time with the Comics Cube podcast.  We touch on all the usual suspects, but also go off into some unexpected and interesting places.  Enjoy!


  1. Actually Dematteis, Superman's son is Bi, not Gay.

    Also, I am going to keep calling you Dem-at-is. Just so you know. Always imagine my voice saying that. Always.

    This is probably the best podcast you have been on, that I have heard. Just for the opening.

    Usually with comic podcasts, when they interview anybody, it is often the same questions about the same stories. Which... okay, I get it. the big name stories draw people in.

    However, the first UNwritten rule of the business is that people like reading about people.

    Just having that opening bit, not asking about getting into comics, but what a specific era was like, made all the difference. That was a great choice by him. That alone is enough to make t stand out from the billion comic podasts.

    Everyone wants a gimmick, this guy knew the most important gimmick is developing a rapport and the reader/listener/writer.

    Even when he asked standard questions later, it recontextualized it, and gave more meaning than just asking the questions.

    Sorry, I just had to bring that up.

    I think the chemical in the brain idea is correct, but I see it a little differently.

    Also, Bi, not gay.


    1. Yeah, I was very happy with the way it turned out.

      And I know the kid is Bi, I simply misspoke.

    2. Misspoke... Or used it as a way to convince the podcaster to mention Arnie Roth, and spread the word about his upcoming 25-part Maxi Series. "The infinite Dinosaur-sized Covert extraction of Arnie Roth's Cosmic Emerald Tie-pin, for Messianic Brotehrhood... Explosion!"?

      And I wonder which J.M. Demat is writing it. I believe it is J,M. DematTEIS.

      Your mind games don't fool me Dematteis.