Saturday, December 4, 2021


I talk to the COMIX KINGS podcast and we take a deep dive into the upcoming Ben Reilly: Spider-Man series, discussing Ben's history and what's to come for the character.


  1. I actually didn't really like the original idea of the clone saga. It meant that from the original clone saga of the 70s till the clone saga of the 90s I've been reading the adventures of a "fake" spider-man? I would have prefered something like this: Peter is still the original spider-man, but because he would have a daugther, he abbandons his life as spider-man so he would be with her and take care of her, while Ben the clone becomes the new spider-man. I think one of the reasons why people did not like the clone saga was the fact that they found out that they have been reading the adventures of a fake spider-man. This isn't about accepting a new spider-man (a good example, as you said, is Miles Morales, because many people like him even though he is not Peter Parker), but it is about the passage from one spider-man to another is made.

    1. I totallyunderstand your POV, Romeo. That said, I think if the Clone Saga had been done as originally intended—lasting six months to a year, with Ben established as the new Spidey at the end of it—it would have worked beautifully.

      It says something about the lasting power of that storyline that we're still talking about it all these years later.

      Happy Holidays!