Sunday, April 24, 2022


I joined the fine folks at the Unlimited Justice podcast for a deep dive into my history with the Justice League—and you can watch it below.  Enjoy!


  1. "I felt like in all that time I never wrote the Justice League."

    No, you were writing Justice League teams that are actually worth reading.

    Everyone talks about how the big seven are the "real" Justice League. However, I always find them a snooze no matter who is writing it.

    Six of them have their own books, so all the interesting stuff will happen there.

    Or, by logic, the character's book becomes basically a team book. Which is what happened with Spider-man at one point when he joined the Avengers, he kept having stories where the Avengers were there.

    Even in the DCAU. I think Justice League is well done, but the weakest. It is not until the JLU, when they started going off into the two or three character stories, that got to be more focused on character, and lesser known characters that I think it became such a fantastic show. I think most people remember more Green Arrow and Question form that show than they do Batman or Superman.


    P.S. Ty Templeton's greatest work was...of course...writing the sequal to the SImpsons's episode "You only Move Twice."

  2. Ty Templeton wrote for THE SIMPSONS?

    1. He wrote for the Simpsons...Comics.

      This is he Issue I am talking about.

      Which is the sequel to one of my favorite episodes ever...