Wednesday, September 20, 2023


It's Steve Gerber's birthday. As I've said here before, I wouldn't be the writer I am today if I'd never encountered Gerber's work. Every Gerber story I read—the ones that soared and the ones that went down in flames—was evidence that mainstream comics could be so much more than I’d ever imagined. That there was no creative door that couldn’t be kicked in, no creative wall that couldn’t be torn down.

His voice is sorely missed.


  1. The real question is, does that mean it was also Richard Rory's birthday?


    1. Was his birthday the same as Gerber's?

    2. Gerber said the character was based on himself. Despite Steve Gerber appearing in issues of Man-Thing that also had...Richard Rory.

      This may be controversial, but comics are weird.

      While I have you, when you wrote that story about Arnie Roth for Captain America #750, was that your idea or Marvel's?

      The reason why I ask , I bought the first issue of the new Straczynski written Captain America comic, and Arnie Roth is in the book.

      It is not a major part, but it is notable. Also, given how in the issue includes a flashback to Steve having a meal at an American Nazi rally/picnic... in know how that sounds, but it DOES make sense in context...I believe his friendship with Jewish Arnie Roth will become a bigger part of the story.

      I wondered if Marvel asked you to write a story about him to jog reader's memories about the relationship.


    3. It was my idea to use Arnie. They asked for a short story and I thought it would be gratifying to revisit the character.

    4. I don't know what is more impressive, the unintended synchronicity of coincidence, with readers being reminded about Arie Roth just before a new issue where he is apart of comes out...or that Marvel made you think it was your idea.

      After all, we all know that a few months ago you picked up a Miles Morales comic, which involved him eating pizza. Only to be horrified that he was holding it from the bottom.

      So you called up Marvel and gave them a three hour lecture about how if he is really from Brooklyn he would have folded the slice in half.
      You did not even hear them say that the artist does not live in New York, or even America, over the claims that holding it another way is "gentrified nonsense" and asking "is Brooklyn in New Jersey no!?" I don't even get that one.

      After which they said, "and I thought hipsters were bad about Brooklyn. We'll come to him for a while."


    5. Yes. That's exactly how it went down.

  2. I recently realized that JAck Kirby made a huge mistake with the New Gods and Eternals.
    He should have made it all into one big cult.

    He had a bunch of nerd hippies who viewed comics as a path to enlightenment in between experimenting with drugs. And it was the 70s cults were everywhere. You joined nine a week just walking from the parking lot work.

    I know, you are going to say "The Fourth World were my favorite comics ever." Well... they could have been your favorite cult ever.

    I love the Warlock/Magus saga and Swamp Thing, but I would have Grand High Priest Starlin, and Len Wein the..I don't know..usher?

    People say Jack Kirby was a visionary and a genius. IN the realm of comics, sure. But in the realm of forming cults he was a novice at best. How many people world wide pray to Infinity Man and his deacons the Forever People? Like...63? Tops.