Tuesday, March 19, 2024


Happy to report that work is progressing on Phase II of the Spellbound Comics DeMultiverse—as we prepare to launch new chapters of Layla in the Lands of After, Anyman, Wisdom, and Godsend! Our next campaign is coming (relatively) soon to Kickstarter! 

Watch this space, DeMultifans!


  1. Wisdom and Godsend are the two I am most interested in seeing continue.

    I still think you and the other legacy creators should banned together in a website or newsletter so interested parties can be more aware. There is probably a lot of crossover between people interested in this and Jim Starlin's Dreadstar graphic novel trilogy, and more. Just a thought.


    1. It's a good thought!

      "Legacy creators" means old, right? ;

    2. I suppose you COULD read it that way.

      However, that is a little reductive of a take. On one level, it comes from the idea that creators who got their start in the 70s and 80s are the ones who took the torch from the 60s Marvel revolution, and created the modern idea of comics.
      Also, it comes form the idea that specific era of creators were the last ones who got to create comics in the mainstream with the goal of...well...making comics.
      Ever since Disney acquired Marvel there has been more of an idea of the comics being a smaller part of a larger pop culture cog. Does that mean it is all bad? not, but you can see attempts to make comics more like readable movies. among other changes, that are assuredly top down.
      Even before Disney took the reigns, Marvel was pushing the idea of giant narratives based around events, that often interrupted stories,

      I know I know,, There were events in the past. There were corporate hand downs in the 90s. The 80s had Marvel making G.I. Joe and Transformers a thing, and there were cartoons. Jim Shooter had edicts that some creators liked, and others did not,. So, maybe I am being naive.
      However, that is what it seems like Because comics were not the biggest thing in the world, and and there was not n expectation that the worlds would touch, that is was different.
      Also, because comics were such a niche thing . Or maybe because everything was not a half year or more story, so you just had more issues to fill.

      No matter how you spin it, there is a reverence for that era, and what it accomplished. Maybe it sis as simple of there being more undiscovered country, maybe it is an editorial style emphasized creating as a skill or trade, that caused a difference in the process. I don't know the origin.

      IN truth, I am not sure you guys even realize how much power you have.