Sunday, June 6, 2010


My novel, Imaginalis, doesn't come out until June 29th—but thanks to the kind people at HarperCollins, you can read the first fifty or so pages right now.  Just click here and enjoy.


  1. When I finish my current project, I'm going to give this a read.

  2. Thanks, Nicholas. Hope you enjoy it.

  3. Those introductory pages are pure reading goodness!

    And using the truncated ending (for now) of Abadazad as the raw material of a brand-new story -- well, that's making lemonade out of a bushel of lemons! :)

    I'm really looking forward to reading this, JM.

  4. Thanks so much, Tim. IMAGINALIS isn't ABADAZAD -- the worlds and characters are very different -- but there's a clear connection between the two. In fact, later in the book there's a story about the death of an ancient unnamed kingdom that gave birth to IMAGINALIS. And we all know what that ancient unnamed kingdom was, don't we?

  5. The first pages don't disappoint, JMD. Look forward to reading the rest soon.

    (If that first page doesn't suck a reader in, what possibly could?)

    I really enjoyed the references here, too...the way your characters talk about music and literature is a nice window into their worldviews. I'll be interested to see how those differences play out in the story. Very compelling characters.


  6. As I think you know, David, you reach a point with any project where all objectivity goes out the window: you don't know if the work you've birthed is brilliant, abysmal or any place in between; so words of encouragement like yours are received with profound, and heartfelt, gratitude.

  7. I know exactly what you mean.

    But no worries here. IMAGINALIS looks to be the kind of story you can get lost and found in.

  8. It's me again!
    Just wanted to let you know Mr. DeMatteis that I love Imaginalis! In the first 20 pages or so it mentions a folk music festival (where I currently have started reading it) AND My other favourite series of books! The Golden Compass Trilogy are an amazing series of books (Abadazad is still one of the best in my opinion haha) I can't wait to finish it! May I ask though, will this turn out to be a series?

  9. Sad to say, Cassidy, that IMAGINALIS won't be a series. The story has to stand alone.

    Very glad you're enjoying the book...and glad to know you love the GOLDEN COMPASS series. It's one of my favorites, too!