Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Here's IDW's press release for my upcoming mini-series, The Adventures of Augusta Wind.  The book will be out in November and I hope you'll pick it up.



Adventure is King in J.M. DeMatteis and Vassilis Gogtzilas' New Miniseries!

San Diego, CA (October 8, 2012) – IDW Publishing is happy to announce THE ADVENTURES OF AUGUSTA WIND, a brand-new, creator-owned miniseries from the incredible imaginations of veteran writer J.M. DeMatteis (Brooklyn Dreams, Abadazad) and astonishing artist Vassilis Gogtzilas!

“I’ve long loved J.M. DeMatteis’ writing,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief, “and his ability to tell a captivating, action-filled, and heartfelt story is something he does better than just about anyone. It’s great to be doing a book like Augusta Wind that plays to all these strengths in a story that will appeal to audiences young and old. And Vassilis’ visuals perfectly complement the story’s tone and deliver nicely upon the bizarre and charming characters and environments that appear in this story.”
In this thrillingly imaginative, all-ages miniseries, we follow the title character, young heroine Augusta Wind, across five issues of eye-popping, otherworldly realms as she uncovers and chases down her destiny. Visited out-of-the-blue by the Snabbit, a half-snake/half-rabbit, Augusta must leave all she knows behind to leap through colorful, magically envisioned worlds full of unbelievable creatures, high adventure, and heroic mystery!
“Writing The Adventures of Augusta Wind has been a genuinely magical experience, as I’ve watched the story lead me on to unexpected places and grow into a cosmic quest that spans multiple worlds and realities,” said series writer and co-creator J.M. DeMatteis. “Vassilis Gogtzilas’ astonishing visual imagination has challenged me to continually dig deeper and push farther into the rich mythology we’re creating. With luck, Augusta’s adventures will go on for years.”
Each issue will also feature a variety of full-color pin-ups by Vassilis Gogtzilas to keep your mind aloft long after reading!
Carrollian in scope and spirit, THE ADVENTURES OF AUGUSTA WIND is a fairytale for a new generation, where nothing is quite what it seems, and a rollicking caper lies around every corner!
The Adventures of Augusta Wind #1 (of 5) is full-color, 32 pages, and will be in stores in November. Diamond code: SEP 120285.


  1. Looks cool! I'll definitely check it out.

  2. Looks great, JM! Look forward to seeing it when it comes out! Is it an all-ages series or more specifically for young audiences only? Either way, I'll be getting it!

    1. It's very much for all-ages, A. Jaye...just as ABADAZAD and STARDUST KID were. Hope you enjoy it—and I hope all's well with you and yours.

  3. Glad to hear it. And things aren't too bad. Been doing work behind the scenes for a movie being shot here in London, Ont. called "Tapped." So far, so good. Last day of 5 week shoot tonight. The horror movie I helped out on 2 years ago is out on DVD/Blu-ray, called "Devil Seed." Not my genre of preference at all but it was a good experience. And turned another year older a couple days ago. Things are moving along. Thanks!

    1. Working on the movie shoot must be a blast, A. Jaye. But here's the important thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May the year ahead bring you only good things!