Thursday, January 30, 2014


Tomorrow is Amartithi:  the anniversary of the day my spiritual master, my inner guide and dearest friend, Avatar Meher Baba, dropped His physical form.  For those of you who have any interest in Meher Baba—and/or my connection to Him—I point to you this post I wrote last year.  Or you could just watch the video embedded below:  a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.  (You can also watch video highlights from the 2014 Amartithi celebration here.)  Jai Baba!

"You have had enough words; I have had enough words. It is not through words that I give what I have to give. In the silence of your perfect surrender, my love which is always silent can flow to you -- to be yours always to keep and to share with those who seek me.

When the Word of my love breaks out of its silence and speaks in your hearts, telling you who I really am, you will know that that is the Real Word you have been always longing to hear."
Avatar Meher Baba

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