Saturday, February 8, 2014


And the rest really is history.

(By the way—the video embedded above says it's 1965.  That's an error.  These are the three original Ed Sullivan shows that aired, over three consecutive weeks, in February of 1964.  I know:  I watched them all as they happened.)


  1. I could go on & on about how much the Beatles meant to me, not just for the brilliant songs, but as cultural figures who changed my life for the better ... but then, couldn't we all? So I'll just say, "John, Paul, George, Ringo: thanks for the music, thanks for the memories, thanks for the magic."

    1. To which I can only say, "Amen!"

      It's been a long time, Tim. Hope all is VERY well with you and yours.

    2. Thanks, JM. I spent a period in what Jungian writer James Hollis calls the swamplands of the soul -- a place some of your characters have found themselves in from time to time, as I recall -- but that's where inner growth & greater understanding come from, no?

      Let me recommend a lovely French animated film, "The Painting" -- I think it might appeal to you, as its final scene put me in mind of the end of your graphic novel "Willworld" from a few years back.

    3. We've all been in that swampland at one time or another, Tim. Hope things are getting better.

      I'll absolutely check out THE PAINTING. Thanks for the recommendation.
      And, please, keep in touch!

    4. Actually, it IS getting better all the time, I'm happy to say -- and Love IS the answer, we know that for sure! :)

    5. Love is a flower: You gotta let it grow. : )

      Very happy to hear that, Tim. Keep it up!