Saturday, April 14, 2018


Came across another round of Constantine: City of Demons interviews from WonderCon—featuring me, Matt Ryan and the CW Seed's Peter Girardi.  Enjoy!  And remember:  There are seven more episodes (and a full-length DVD/Blu-ray with twenty extra minutes of story) still to come.

If you haven't seen the first five yet, you can view them right here.


  1. Hi J.M.,

    I recently discovered that I really enjoy your work; I wrote a blog post about that discovery here:

    I have a question. The Silver Surfer has always been my favorite comic book character. A long time ago I collected the first 80 some-odd issues of volume 3. I see that you wrote issues 126-145. This might be a silly question, but would you recommend I track those issues down? Is there good stuff in there?

    I haven't watched the Constantine episodes yet, but you've convinced me to buy the Blu-ray when it comes out.


    1. Thanks for the kind words about my work, Randy. Very much appreciated!

      Re: Surfer. I might be the last person to answer that question, Randy—how can I be objective?—but I think the fact that the stories were primarily illustrated by two comic book greats—Ron Garney and, later, Jon J Muth—is enough to recommend them.

      Thanks for checking in!

    2. Sounds good to me. Thank you for the response!

    3. I liked the run, Randy.

      It followed some controversial choices made by George Perez (namely the fate of Zenn LA), but it explored the kind of concepts that ONLY the Surfer can.


    4. Thanks for the reply, Jack.

      I've been watching the recent ebay listings, but haven't had much luck so far in finding these issues. It sounds like they're relatively rare. I'll keep looking.

    5. Watched the first five episodes of CITY OF DEMONS and really enjoyed them. It's entertaining, intriguing, and unsettling--just the kind of thing I'd expect from a series of this nature.

      Also, the dialogue is often laugh-out-loud funny without undercutting the dramatic moments. A nice balance. I think without the humor this series would be a little too dark for my tastes!

      Anyway, very well done, and I look forward to the rest!


    6. Thanks, David. Glad you enjoyed it! These first five are really the set up and things move into very high gear in the final seven. And, as noted, there'll be a DVD/Blue-ray with twenty more minutes of story.

      And, yes, you need some humor to balance the grimness or else it can be hard to take!